World War Z’s Season Two Content Roadmap revealed

Following on from the first season of free content, Saber Interactive has revealed what players can expect during the second season of free content for their post-apocalyptic co-op zombie shooter.

First up, Update Four will add two new “challenging PvE missions” that are set in Moscow and New York, a “fiery new weapon” which looks a lot like a flamethrower, and prestige ranks and rewards, which will give players the ability to “prestige rank up for new weapon skins and perks”.

Once that’s out of the way, Update Five will bring with it Horde Mode Z, the “highly anticipated” wave-based horde mode which has been included in more games than I could dare to remember in recent memory. The term “horde mode” is surely most closely associated with the Gears of War franchise, and I have to admire the audacity of just throwing a “Z” on the end of the name to make it your own. Alongside Horde Mode Z, Update Five will also add a “volatile” new zombie type, new cosmetics items, and PvE crossplay support.

If you’re more into your paid content than your free content (what is wrong with you?), then there will also be some new character and weapon skins available to purchase in the coming months.

There’s no official date for when any of these updates will drop other than that they will all be during “Q4 2019”, but Saber Interactive is promising more details closer to launch.

World War Z was a surprise success when it launched back in April of this year, shifting more than one million copies in its first week and debuting straight at the top of the charts, knocking The Division 2 off its perch. It’s popularity has undoubtedly waned since then but there are still plenty of active players and there is a lot of fun to be had with the co-op shooter if you have a group of like-minded buddies to play with.

If you haven’t checked out World War Z yet but you’re planning to get involved soon then be sure to check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks guide.

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