World War Z Beginner Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking out a horde of zombies and watching blood fly everywhere, and you get to do plenty of that in World War Z. Equally, there’s nothing more annoying than dying, and you’ll probably do plenty of that in World War Z too, especially if you’re missing some awesome tips. You know, like the ones below:

Play with real people

World War Z gives you the option to play with bots instead of real people if you wish, but although these bots will serve you well on the easier difficulties, they are pretty useless as the difficulty ramps up. So when things start getting difficult, matchmake. Not only will it be a bit easier, but you also won’t be such a loner.

Mark enemies and items for team mates

If you’re playing with real people (see above) then be a helpful teammate and mark strong enemies such as Bulls and Hazmat zombies so your team can spot them easily. You can mark items too, so help a friend out and mark up any items you don’t need, especially medkits and power weapons. To mark something or someone, simply aim at them and press up on the d-pad.

Choose a class that helps the team

If you join a game and everyone else is a damage dealer i.e Gunslingers or Hellraisers, choose the Medic class or the Fixer. It’s easy to overlook how helpful these classes can be to the team, especially in the early game as things are a lot easier, but as you progress you will NEED these classes, so consider leveling them up early on and choose them either whenever someone else is too selfish to do so, or if you just enjoy being the helpful teammate.

Watch your shots and don’t shot block

Friendly fire is enabled in World War Z, so watch where you’re shooting and throwing grenades (you can’t melee teammates though). As well as avoiding shooting your own teammates, you should also be cautious of where you stand, or you might get some lead in your back and stop your teammates getting shots on the Z’s. After playing online with random people I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of players that like to stand in the front, moving from left to right while shooting without a care in the world – don’t be this guy, it’s annoying.

Complete the game on normal before progressing

It might be tempting to up the difficulty early on, but don’t, as this will make progress much slower. Instead, beat the game on normal and then move on to a higher difficulty. By this point you should be between level 15 and 17, which will take you most of the way through your talent tree – only then will you be tough enough to make a harder difficulty worthwhile.

Leave medkits for medics

It seems obvious, but medkits are best left for medics, unless your whole squad is full health and the medic already has full medkits. The reason for this is because there’s a perk that will also heal the medic for 25% of the healing provided, meaning the medic can both heal a teammate and get some healing for themselves, which means the healing is much more efficient. The only time you might not want to do this is if you’re playing with a random medic that doesn’t heal anyone and isn’t on voice chat.

Headshot Hazmat zombies

As with any shooter, headshots are where the damage is at. However, this is even more true in World War Z, especially when fighting the Hazmat zombies – you know, the zombies that explode when you kill them and leave that annoying poisonous gas in their wake? Yeah, well, if you kill them with a clean headshot they don’t leave gas behind, so always go for the headshot.

Bulls have weak spots

As with the Hazmat zombies, Bulls (the zombies that charge at you and choke slam you as if possessed by Kane or The Undertaker) also have a weak spot. The Bulls weak spot is the exposed spine on its back, so if the Bull is charging you, while it’s probably going to get you before you can kill it, you should tell your teammates to shoot its back (not its head) to kill it quicker so that you don’t take too much damage.

Preserve your health

It’s tempting to act reckless when faced with hordes of zombies, especially when you know there’s a kill scoreboard at the end, but as obvious as it seems, try to not lose health. Medkits are few and far between in World War Z, so if you take too much unnecessary damage you’ll soon find yourself having to run away from almost every zombie you see. Unless you’re a slasher (the class that specializes in melee combat) you should be keeping your distance from zombies most of the time.

Look for breaching charges

Whenever you see a door that requires a breaching charge to open, take a stroll around the area and look for one, as you’ll usually find one in close proximity or at least not too far away. Best of all, once you have found some you’ll always know where to get some next time you play that mission, as they spawn in the same place (or very close to the same place) every time.

Shoot the base of zombie pyramids

When zombies are trying to get over a wall or fence, they will clamber on top of each other to form a pyramid. When they do this, shoot the zombies at the base of the pyramid and watch the zombie-made structure collapse, leaving you to easily pick off zombies that aren’t a threat.

That’s all the World War Z tips I have for you at the moment, but I’ll be sure to update this list with new tips after I’ve poured many more hours into the game. Do you have a tip that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!



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