Black Ops 4 gets a new specialist and big changes to Blackout map tomorrow

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Operation: Spectre Rising will begin on PS4 tomorrow, adding a new specialist, new maps, and some big changes to Blackout.

The new Specialist in question, Spectre, is a sword-wielding ninja who is making a triumphant return from Black Ops 3. Spectre’s Special Issue Equipment is a smoke grenade that can cause chaos and confusion for everybody but it’s wielder, as Spectre is able to see the outline of enemies through the smoke, allowing for some quick takedowns without ever being spotted. Spectre’s Special Issue Weaponry, meanwhile, is the Shadow Blade katana, which can kill people in one hit and allows Spectre to quickly roll and dodge incoming attacks from a third-person perspective.

As well as the addition of Spectre, three new maps will also be added to the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 4. The first, Artifact, looks to be a close-quarters map that takes place within various pathways through a series of cliffs, while Masquerade is an urban map that seemingly takes place during a carnival and has various roof-based vantage points that look down on the streets below. The third and final new map in the update, WMD, is a remaster of the classic map from all the way back in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops. WMD takes place in an abandoned Soviet base and, as a relatively large and open map, was often dominated by snipers in its heyday on the original Black Ops, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays on Black Ops 4.

The other noticeable change in the update will be another major change to the Blackout map. The Blackout map change is being called “Wetworks”, and it’ll see the Hydro Dam at the top of the map being destroyed, flooding large parts of the map that aren’t elevated. The trailer shows shipping containers that once populated Cargo Docks now floating out in the ocean, and there are also clips of both Factory and the farm next to Firing Range submerged in water. This should bring a whole new purpose to vehicular combat, with both helicopters and boats now being a much more viable option than being on foot when traversing the map.

The update will also add some new game modes, namely Prop Hunt for multiplayer, Bounty Hunter for Blackout, and new gauntlets for Zombies, and there are some new weapons too, specifically the Ballistic Knife, Nifo’oti Club, and Tigershark LMG. There are also some new characters to play as in Blackout, as well as new skins, weapon charms, and camos.

Operation: Spectre Rising will go live on PS4 tomorrow, Tuesday 30th April, as part of Black Ops 4’s timed-exclusivity on PS4. A release on Xbox One and PC will follow later on a currently unspecified date, but it’s usually around a week or so later.



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