Games with Gold for May 2019 announced

May’s Xbox Live Games with Gold titles are a little on the disappointing side to say the least, but who am I to turn my nose up at free games? As always, these titles are available to all Xbox Live Gold members, and once downloaded they’re yours to keep.

First up is party game Marooners, which will be available on Wednesday 1st May on Xbox. The description for the game reads:

“Marooners is a chaotic mix of short minigames in which players can satisfy their thirst for treasure… at the cost of their friends of course!”

Marooners can be played in both local and online co-op, so this might be one to check out with friends.

Next is Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. Playable on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 thanks to backwards compatibility, this EDF spin-off third-person shooter features over 300 weapons, armour and jetpacks. Insect Armageddon is an underrated title and well worth a download.

From Thursday 16th May, The Golf Club 2019 will be available on Xbox One. This is a golf game (unsurprisingly) and features a fairly decent PGA Tour Career Mode. Check it out if you’re a sports fan.

Finally, we have Comic Jumper, available on on Xbox One and Xbox 360. In this 2.5D action game players control Captain Smiley, a comic book hero whose comics are poorly received. Captain Smiley jumps into other comics in hope of improving his own. It’s a fun mix of platforming, melee combat, and on-rails shooting.

Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2019

  • Marooners (Xbox One) Available May 1st to 31st
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Xbox One, Xbox 360) Available May 1st to 15th
  • The Golf Club 2019 (Xbox One) Available May 16th – June 15th
  • Comic Jumper (Xbox One, Xbox 360) – Available May 16th to 31st



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