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If you’re looking to contact us you can use the form below. Please be aware that we do not allow paid-for posts on the site and we will not be bribed into changing a game review, we respect our visitors enough to give them our honest opinion of any game that we review.

We do, however, accept requests for reviews, so if you have a game that you would like us to review please do get in contact. However, remember that we give our honest opinion.


Will you take down a bad review?

No. However, we will update a review if, for example, a game has been updated since we released our review and the update has fixed issues we found with the game. You can request for us to update the review accordingly.

Will you review my game?

Sure we can, ping us a message with a link to your game and we will take a look. We review games on all platforms.

Where can I find out more about Buff Nerf Repeat?

Easy, check our about page. If there’s anything else you’d like to know then send us a message by using the form on this page.

How else can I contact Buff Nerf Repeat?

Other than using the form below you can email us on, call us on 01252 501004 or write to us using the address below:

The Old Corn Store,
Peper Harow,