What are the best Rifles in The Division 2?

In this guide, I’ll be taking a look at five of the best weapons you can get in the Rifle weapon type class in The Division 2. Now, the Rifle is somewhat of an overlooked weapon choice, especially for console players like myself who will naturally find it more difficult to hit headshots compared to PC players. Having said that, Rifles can be extremely strong regardless, offering huge damage at medium to long range. Combine this damage with some Damage to Elites stats and you’ll see yellow enemies shred in no more than a few well timed shots.

I’ve also included the talents which i believe would benefit each Rifle the most. The main slot weapons talents will remain the same throughout, as these two are, in my opinion, far and away the best options. Remember, one weapon talent can be rerolled at the recalibration station, so you only really need one slot to feature a talent you require, as you can simply reroll the other.

Let’s get to the list of the five best Rifles in The Division 2:

Military MK17/Police MK17/Police MK17 Replica

Before the last patch, the MK17 was by far the best Rifle out there. Now, after its 14% damage nerf it’s still the best Rifle, but the gap is a lot closer. This is a good thing, however, as players now have more variety when choosing which Rifle to use.
The MK17 can still compete when it comes to burst damage and it tops the list when it comes to sustained damage thanks to it’s high single-bullet damage. The MK17 also features excellent range, and is only second to the Urban MDR for reload speed.

Best Talents – Optimist/Ranger and Stable/Extra

Urban MDR/Urban MDR Replica

The exotic Urban MDR was my favourite weapon in the original Division, so I’m happy to see it being a powerful Rifle in The Division 2 as well. For burst damage, you won’t find a better Rifle, although range might be a slight problem, so you may want to think about coupling this with a Sniper for the ultimate medium-to-long range build. For me, the Urban MDR and MK17 are so close together in terms of performance that it may as well come down to player preference when choosing between the two.

Best Talents – Optimist/Ranger and Stable/Extra/Distance

Lightweight M4

The Lightweight M4 was arguably the best weapon in the original Division, so it was kind of surprising to see such a weak imitation of the weapon launch with the sequel. One balance patch later, however, and the M4 finds itself back on a list of best weapons in a class, albeit as a Rifle and not an AR. The M4 received a 5% damage buff and a massive 50% RPM buff in that patch, so if you can handle the higher rate of fire and still land meaningful shots then the Lightweight M4 is once again a weapon that can pack a punch.

Best Talents – Optimist/Ranger and Stable/Accurate


Recently separated from the M4 and now a completely separate weapon with it’s own stats, the LVOA-C also benefited from a buff in an early game patch. This buff wasn’t the damage buff of the M4, but rather a 58% increase to RPM. This increase means that, for burst damage, the LVOA is right up there with the M4, yet will fall a little short with sustained damage; not everyone will be firing the weapon at the max RPM, and even when you are, more poorly-timed shots are likely to occur.

Best Talents – Optimist/Ranger and Optimized/Stable/Extra

SIG 716/SIG 716 Replica/SIG 716 CQB

The SIG 716 is one of the better Rifles at longer distances, featuring an impressive optimal range. The weapon handles extremely well too with decent base damage. In terms of burst and sustained damage, the SIG 716 finds its way into the top five quite comfortably, and although not the best Rifle on this list, it can easily become a weapon of choice if rolled with the right talents and a higher base damage.

Best Talents – Optimist/Ranger and Optimized/Stable/Accurate

So there it is, my personal best choice of five Rifles that you should be checking out if you’re a fan of ranged combat. As always, I’ll be sure to update this list if and when any changes to the weapons or talents listed above occur, so you can be sure that the information is bang up to date.

If you would like to know a little more about Weapon Talents in The Division 2, you can check out my guide to some of the best ones here. It might help you decide what talents to look for on your Rifle, or any other weapon for that matter. You can also check out my top weapons lists for Assault Rifles, Rifles, MMR’s, SMG’s and LMG’s.

Have I underestimated a weapon? Or maybe I’m overvaluing one that you believe is trash? If so, hit me up in the comments section below stating your reasons. I’ll be covering SMG’s next, so check back soon! Happy grinding.






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