John Wick Hex release date confirmed with new trailer

After being available to pre-order on the Epic Games Store for what feels like an eternity, today we finally received news on a release date for Mike Bithell’s latest offering, John Wick Hex.

Players will be able to take on the role of the lethal and ever-so-stylish assassin from October 8th via the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac. That’s even better news for anyone that managed to pick up a pre-order while the game was featured in the Epic Game Store sale.

For those that don’t know, John Wick Hex is a rather unique take on a turn-based strategy game. I say unique because it’s not really a turn-based strategy game at all. Instead, the moves and actions of John Wick are kind of queued up in a timeline. You will have to plan what actions you’re going to take ahead of time as every action has an “immediate cost and consequences”. Enemies will also react to the actions and moves you make, meaning you will never be sure how an action sequence will play out.

Animations look very smooth and the action scenes look as if they were taken straight from the movies. The game looks and sounds fantastic from what we’ve seen, with the only negative being that Keanu Reeves himself hasn’t been confirmed to appear as the voice of Wick.

Coupled with the news of a release date came a brand new trailer for the game. The trailer treats us to some more awesome looking gameplay footage and an insight into the story. It seems that Winston has gotten himself into a little bother and has been kidnapped and taken to a secret location that’s apparently on no maps and no registries. John Wick is no doubt on a mission to save him from Hex and deny him his so-called birthright.

You can check out the new gameplay and story trailer here.

John Wick Hex releases for PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store on Thursday 8th October.

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