Coco Park CTR challenge locations in Crash Team Racing

Coco Park is one of the easier tracks to complete the CTR challenge on, because the track itself is pretty straightforward without any jumps or hidden areas. That said, I still managed to miss the R on several occasions before I finally found it, but that could just be me being totally blind…

C Location

The C is the easiest of the three as you can see it directly from the starting line on the left. It’s important to get all the way over to the left before trying to get the C to avoid hitting the rock in front of you; if you hit the rock it severely slows you down and if you’re playing on hard you might have a ‘hard’ time catching up. See what I did there?

T Location

The T can be found on the right hand side as soon as you exit the first tunnel. You can’t miss it and it’s really easy to get without any risks, just make sure you stick to the right side of the tunnel from the start so you don’t have to swerve to the right which will slow you down.

R Location

As mentioned at the start of the guide, I managed to miss this several times. It’s on the left in the flower bed on the second to last corner of the track (the hairpin corner). As it’s on the flowerbed you’ll get slowed down pretty badly, so preempt it and get to the left early (basically the opposite of what I did in the GIF above…). If you do what I did above you might have a hard time catching up if you’re playing on hard.

Congratulations you've now completed the CTR challenge on Coco Park, if you're struggling with any of the other tracks check out our other CTR challenge guides:

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