Tiger Temple CTR challenge locations in Crash Team Racing

I love the CTR challenges in Crash Team Racing, especially the ones that are actually a challenge, and Tiger Temple is one of the more difficult ones that will leave you scratching your head and driving backwards trying to find that last letter. C and T on Tiger Temple are easy to get, it’s the R that was the challenge. If you’re struggling to find it then struggle no more.

T Location

The T is easy to spot as it’s on the grass to the left of the first corner immediately after you start the race:

C Location

As mentioned earlier, C is also easy to spot and can be found on the second ramp after starting the race. To reach it you will have to jump when exiting the ramp and you’ll need to be on the right side:

R Location

Here’s the difficult one. R is through the hidden gold door which can be found after the first tunnel (where the fire comes out of the wall); after exiting the tunnel you’ll see a gold door on the left. To get through the gold door you will need to hit it with a projectile OR drive through it with the mask power-up activated (ignore what I said previously below).

This was not true, you just need to hit the door… To open the gold door you have to activate the mask power-up which only really appears when you’ve fallen behind. The best way I’ve found to get the mask is to fall back right at the start of the race so you’re in last place and hope that you get the mask in the first few boxes on the first lap and before you reach the door. If you don’t get the mask then just restart or you might not have time to catch up and it might take some time to get the mask, I had attempts where I got nothing but missiles and the stopwatch.






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