How to beat Divine Dragon in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Divine Dragon is a major boss battle found at the end of the Fountainhead Palace region. Considering it’s so late on in the game, it’s actually surprisingly easy, particularly if somebody has told you how to do it.

Run up the stairs by the Sanctuary Sculptor’s Idol and you’ll come to a small cave where a woman is sat next to a coffin. Walk up to the coffin and you will have the option to pray – note that this is a point of no return, so if you have any unfinished business in the world as it is now then do so before you pray. If you’re ready for the boss battle, however, then pray away.

Once you pray you’ll go through a cutscene and then be presented with the first phase of the boss battle. This first phase is actually against a lot of smaller dragons called Old Dragons of the Tree, and although it seems daunting at first it’s actually very easy. A lot of these dragons will appear continuously, and it’s all about killing them until the Vitality bar drains. They won’t do much to you but they do cause Poison damage, so use a Contact Medicine to negate their Poison and then start slashing away. It’s a good idea to use the Whirlwind Slash combat art to hit several at once.


Part way through the fight, numerous trees will start branching up from the ground. Avoid these by sprinting away if you can (they’ll hurt you if they branch underneath you) and then grapple up on to them and perform Plunging Deathblows and you’ll take out loads of the Dragons at once. Rinse and repeat this tactic until all Dragons are taken care of.


Now that we’ve dealt with them, it’s time for the main event – Divine Dragon. When this phase of the fight starts you’ll be knocked backwards by a strong gust of wind, so run back towards Divine Dragon but not too close. A number of small trees will branch up between yourself and the Divine Dragon, and you want to keep yourself comfortably on your side of the trees but within grappling distance. Divine Dragon has two attacks that we need to avoid, the first is a Perilous sweep that you can avoid by jumping over:


And the second is a series of downwards strikes that you can avoid by sprinting sideways.


Avoid these attacks whenever they come and keep your eye on the trees. We’re looking for ones that are glowing at the top, signifying that they’ve been struck by lightning. Wait for a gap in the Divine Dragon’s attacks and then grapple to a glowing tree – you’ll get thrown in the air, but you can now press the attack button to perform a Lightning Reversal and hurl a powerful bolt of lightning at the Divine Dragon, causing significant damage. Rinse and repeat these tactics around five times.


Once you’ve hit the Divine Dragon with lightning enough times, the trees will temporarily disappear and you’ll get pushed back again. Now it’s time to dodge a series of attacks, so get ready to react. He’ll start with two diagonal swipes which you can avoid by running, then keep running to avoid his downward strikes, and then get ready to jump over his Perilous Sweeps. He’ll then do them again but he’ll be moving faster, so keep those reflexes sharp.


Once you’ve avoided these attacks, the trees will reappear and one of them will be glowing. Grapple up to it and you’ll be launched into the air again, but this time you’ll be launched a second time, sending you even higher into the air. When you’re high up and the Divine Dragon raises its head, perform your Lightning Reversal to send the Divine Dragons head crashing down to the floor.


Run towards the Divine Dragon and run up the sword to perform your fatal Deathblow. See, told you it was easy.


Defeating him will earn you Memory: Divine Dragon, which can be used at a Sculptor’s Idol to permanently increase your Attack Power, the Divine Dragon’s Tears, and a big chunk of experience points.



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