Crash Cove CTR challenge locations in Crash Team Racing

Considering Crash Cove is on the starting map (in Adventure Mode) it’s actually pretty difficult to complete the CTR challenge, especially when playing on hard, mainly because the ‘T’ is in such an awkward location. You’ll see it as you race round the track, but getting to it was pretty time consuming, for me at least.

R Location

The R can be found behind the first big rock you see after starting the race. If you approach the rock from the right you’ll be able to nab the R without slowing down, whereas if you approach from the left you’ll have to slow down, slide, or stop.

T Location

This was the difficult one. You can see the T as you go round the track, it’s on the bridge that you drive under directly after getting the R. To get to it you have to jump on the ramp directly after R so you get the speed boost on landing and then drive into the water, when you exit the water there’s a little ramp which you can use to jump yourself higher and reach the ledge (see gif below). Once on the ledge you simply drive to the right and you’ll see the T. This is a very time consuming letter so make sure you’re in front when getting it if playing on hard (if you’re on Normal or Easy you’ll have no trouble catching up again).

C Location

This one is easy, it’s off the pirate ship on the last corner of the map, simply drive up the ship to the very top and jump at the last moment to reach the C. Although this is probably the easiest of the three I wouldn’t suggest leaving it until the last lap as on occasion I would miss the jump.

Congratulations you’ve now completed the CTR challenge on Crash Cove, if you’re struggling with any of the other tracks check out our other CTR challenge guides:

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