Papu’s Pyramid CTR challenge locations in Crash Team Racing

The CTR letters on Papu’s Pyramid are pretty easy to find, with only one causing a little trouble (C). Even with the tricky C, it’s still possible to get all of the letters on the first lap, as you can see in the video below:

C Location

This is the most difficult letter to get on this track, especially if you’re not too good at timing your jumps correctly. You’ll find it on a ledge off the track to the left as you approach the first corner after the first time you come across the kart eating plants. As mentioned previously, this jump is easier to make when you’re using an advanced kart AKA a top speed kart:

T Location

The second letter is directly after the C. As you jump off the ‘C’ ledge you’ll need to jump straight away on to the next ledge which you’ll see to the left; it’s pretty tricky to get this and the C in the same lap so if you miss it don’t worry, just get this one the next time round (it’s easier than C):

R Location

You can’t miss the R. Well, you can miss it but you can’t not see it. It can be found on the last corner of the track, but it’s tucked in close to the right side of the road and since it’s a pretty sharp corner you’ll most likely be over on the left side. When you approach the last corner just slow down a little so you can nab it, you might even need to stop for a moment, so make sure you get this letter either on the first or second lap or you might get overtaken and not have time to catch up to win the race, as the finish line is right round the corner:

Congratulations you’ve now completed the CTR challenge on Papu’s Pyramid, if you’re struggling with any of the other tracks check out our other CTR challenge guides:

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