How to beat Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa is an optional mini-boss in the late game of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Located near the Ashina Reservoir Sculptor’s Idol during the final phase when the Ashina Castle is under attack, Shume Masaji Oniwa is a bit tricky for one reason – he has a samurai general stood right next to him. To make this fight much easier, we first need to negate that threat.

From the Ashina Reservoir Sculptor’s Idol, run straight down the steps and turn to the left. You’ll aggro the boss and the fight will start, but run across the branch and grapple up to the higher platform. This will cause the boss and the general to run up towards the Sculptor’s Idol to try and get to you, but they won’t be able to get through the fiery blockade. Now, turn and run underneath the bridge away from the fight and wait it out until the music stops.


Once the music stops, sprint back and grapple back over to the branch as quickly as you can. You should hopefully be there in time to creep up behind the boss and the general while they’re walking back to their position. Stealth Deathblow the samurai general and use your Puppeteer Ninjutsu to turn the tables on Shume Masaji Oniwa and make this a two on one fight in your favour.


Now, let the samurai general fight Shume Masaji Oniwa and get your odd own hit in on the boss from behind to chip away at his health. Keep doing this until your ally is dead, which won’t take long.


From here on out it’s all about Deflecting Shume Masaji Oniwa’s normal attacks, Jump Kicking when he performs his Perilous sweep attack, and using your Mikiri Counter to cause serious Posture damage when he performs his Perilous thrust attack, which he does a lot. Thankfully, his Posture bar fills quite quickly, and his attacks don’t change during either phase, so just keep working your way through the fight with the methods shown below and you’ll break both Posture bars pretty quickly and win the fight.


Killing him will earn you a Prayer Bead.



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