Monster Hunter World: Iceborne finally gets a PC release date

Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion released for PS4 and Xbox One back in September, with a PC release tentatively slated for “Winter”, which is rather appropriate. Now, a new trailer for the PC version has revealed that the expansion will finally release on Thursday 9th January 2020.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne adds a whole host of new features to Capcom’s popular RPG, including a new region called Hoarfrost Reach which is the largest region in the game. This new region brings with it a bunch of new monsters such as the elite monster Velkana and bute wyvern Banbaro, and there are also some fan favourite monsters from the series past making their return, including Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Outside of the vast new region and the new monsters that inhabit it, the expansion also features a new story and challenges, including the games new Master Rank which takes the place of the series usual G-rank. There are also a number of new gear items available to craft including The Slinger, which can be used to grapple on to monsters or to stun them with the new Flinch shot.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available to purchase through Steam when it lands early next year and it will be available to buy in two versions. The first version will cost you £34.99 and will give you Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and a Yukumo Layered Armor Set as a pre-order bonus. The second version, which will set you back £41.99, will bag you the Iceborne expansion, the Silver Knight layered armor set, 3 gestures, 2 sticker sets, 1 face paint, 1 hairstyle, and 1 decor set for room customization.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches for PC on Thursday 9th January 2020.



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