PES 2020 gets a big gameplay patch

Konami has released a big gameplay patch for PES 2020, keeping good on their promise of improving the game before the end of October.

Having a look through the patch notes, there are a number of important gameplay changes which should make the game a more enjoyable experience. Konami has “improved the system that judges which player to put the cursor on in case of a loose ball” and “adjusted player reactions to loose balls”, which will hopefully eradicate an issue where defending players will just inexplicably stand and watch as a loose ball rolls past them, allowing an opponent to easily take possession of the ball.

Konami has also “adjusted the positioning of midfield and backline players when defending” to fix an issue where the gap between midfield and defence was too big. This change should slow the pace of the game down and force players to construct the play more. There are also fixes for an issue which prevented the super cancel technique from working as intended, and the far-too-lenient referees have also been tweaked, so obvious fouls should now be flagged by the referee. Konami also says that “a variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode to improve the overall gaming experience”, but didn’t specify exactly what they are.

The patch has also made a number of updates to teams and players, adding more club and national team names, updated face models, updated player portraits, updated manager portraits, updated strips, more boot models, more ball designs, and updated stadium data and media backdrops. The update also includes improvement to matchmaking, a number of issues relating to myClub, an issue that was causing players to have the wrong stronger foot, issues relating to stadium selection in online PvP matches, and an issue regarding constant snowy weather when playing with the Thai League in Master League.

The patch is now live on all platforms and should hopefully make PES 2020 a better experience for players.

Chris is our resident FPS-obsessed football fanatic who, when not playing an FPS or FIFA, can probably be found spending the odd 100 hours or so building his perfect farm on Stardew Valley. Chris comes to you with a hint of cynicism and plenty of sarcasm.

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