PES 2020 will be getting some gameplay changes “by the end of October”

Konami has detailed the gameplay changes that will be coming to PES 2020 in the games first patch, which they say should be arriving “by the end of October”.

In a post over on their Facebook page, Konami spoke about a number of issues that they have had feedback on from players. The first of those issues is that many players feel that the demo version of the game was superior to the final retail version, and have therefore been asking Konami to revert the gameplay back to that of the demo. Konami says that this isn’t possible, as doing so would reintroduce all of the bugs that they fixed between the demo and the games final release. One of example of these is the games referee, who was far too strict in the demo and was tweaked accordingly, although he is now arguably far too lenient.

We’ll have to make do with small changes then, and the first two that we can expect are “better player reaction to loose balls” and “better positioning of the defense line and midfield line”. The first of these changes is aimed at addressing a major issue in which your player will inexplicably just ignore the ball, even when it rolls right past him. This includes defenders who will just watch as the ball rolls on by with a forward running on to it, allowing your opposition clean through on goal with no challenge. It’s quite a flaw for a football game, and you can see an example of it below.

And here’s another look at the preposterous defending…this was a goal for me but still felt really cheap as the defender could(should) have taken that away easily from r/WEPES

The second change is aimed at fixing an issue with the pacing of the game, which Konami has noticed is currently too fast due to the fact that the gap between the defense and the midfield is too big. That means that players can play balls past the opposition midfield and into their forwards far too easily, which means games are often end-to-end with no real build-up play required. Konami says that this change will make “constructing the play” more important during matches.

There’s no official date on when exactly these changes will be implemented (other than “by the end of October”), but we’ll keep you updated as and when that information becomes available.

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