Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion drops September 6th

The next expansion to Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, known as Iceborne, will be heading to console on September 6th, with a PC release to follow in the Winter.

The news was broken by the developers during a livestream today, which also revealed the latest gameplay trailer for the expansion. Check it out below:

Iceborne will be set in the new region of Hoarfrost Reach – which will be the largest region in Monster Hunter: World – and will feature a new story and challenges. These challenges will be similar to previous games in the series, with G-rank making way for Iceborne’s new Master Rank.

New gear will be available to craft, which includes a new grappling hook called The Slinger. The Slinger will not only have the ability to grapple onto monsters, but also stun them with the new Flinch Shot. Modifiers will also be added to existing gear to ensure some of your favorite weapons have a new feel about them.

No Monster Hunter game or expansion would be complete without brand new monsters to hunt, and Iceborne is no exception. The new elite monster Velkana, bute wyvern Banbaro, and elder ice dragon Velkhana will be just some of those to battle when the expansion launches.

As well as the new content, the expansion will return some favorites from the past. Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be added to the expansion, which i’m sure loyal fans of the series will enjoy.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will release as a stand-alone expansion, as well as in a bundle featuring the main game and the Iceborne expansion. The cost of the stand-alone edition will be $39.99, with the bundle setting you back $59.99.

Iceborne will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One September 6th, with the PC version set to release on Steam in the Winter.





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