Rage 2 post-launch roadmap revealed

Bethesda has revealed the post-launch roadmap for Rage 2, giving players a glimpse at what extra content they can expect to see during the remainder of 2019.

There will be a World Event every month, starting with ‘Bring The Ruckus’ later this month which will be followed by ‘Mech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ in June, ‘Global Worming’ in July, ‘Mutant Derby’ in August, and ‘Rageisode 2: Attack of the Drones’ simply slated for “Fall”. All of these will be free to all players, and select weapon skins, cheat codes, wasteland challenges and the One-Wheeler vehicle will also be free. The Day 30 update, which will arrive in June, is also part of the free-offerings for players.

There are also two paid-for expansions as part of the roadmap. The first is Rise of the Ghosts, which will debut in August and will introduce a new story and a new enemy faction as well as new weapons, abilities, vehicles, and areas. The second, currently unnamed expansion will be released in Fall and will also add a new story, weapons, vehicles, and areas.

Since the roadmap was released there have been some divided opinions about it, with many players expressing their concern at the sight of a content roadmap being released for a single-player game. These kind of things are usually reserved for “live service” multiplayer games, so players are worried that this signifies that content has been cut from the game so that it can be sold to players later on.

Personally, I think that concern is a bit premature. There are plenty of single-players games that offer post-launch content in the way of paid-for DLC, so the fact that Bethesda has decided to tell us what is planned up front doesn’t worry me too much. With that being said, in this age of gaming there are no money-grabbing tactics that surprise me, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Rage 2 releases for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Tuesday 14th May.



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