Apex Legends Loot Vault locations and how to enter them

The loot vaults in Apex Legends are filled to the brim with high end loot (as you might have guessed by the name), from Gold Armor, Gold Backpacks, weapons, and attachments. Once you get your hands on a vault key, getting to the vault without dying can bear huge rewards and could even potentially win you the game. But, where are the loot vaults and how do you get inside them? Let me explain.

Finding the loot vaults

There are three loot vaults on the Season 3 map (World’s Edge) and each are within the cave systems dotted around the map. Although they’re easy enough to find and get to, however, they’re also close to some of the most popular drop locations, so unless you’re very lucky you’ll most likely have to fight your way into one. The first loot vault can be found within the cave to the south of the Trainyard, which is probably the hardest vault to raid as the Trainyard is a hugely popular drop location. The second can be found in the caves to the left of Lava City and north of The Dome. The third and final vault can be found in the caves to the north-east of the Geyser, which is probably the safest loot vault to get into (depending on where the high loot area is and the flight path). You can see each location conveniently marked on the map below:

apex legends vault locations

As you can see above, the vault locations are fairly far apart, so if you’re looking to get inside one it’s best to drop in the general vicinity of one of the vault locations as you probably won’t have time to travel too far before the circle works its way in.

How to enter a loot vault

To get inside the loot vaults you need to get your hands on a loot vault key. As far as I’m aware, there are only two ways to get one of these keys; the first (and most obvious) way is to kill another player who’s carrying the key (loot vault camping is definitely a thing). The secondand properway to get a key is by shooting down a loot drone (the balls flying in the air that change colour). Not all loot drones contain the key, but if they do you’ll see a red light on it, so keep an eye out for the loot drones and shoot any that have a red light. It doesn’t even matter what colour the drone is when you shoot it, although you should always aim to take them down when they’re yellow.

So that’s it, getting inside a loot vault is as easy as that. The biggest challenge will come from getting to a loot vault without dying, but if you manage to do that with a key in hand you’ll be flying.



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