World’s Edge map guide, the best locations and tips for the new map

The new Apex Legends map, ‘World’s Edge’, is bigger and in some ways better than its counterpart. However, it’s also a little more tricky to find your way around, and due to its larger size it’s not immediately obvious where the best places to drop are, but fear not, we’ve done the testing so you don’t have to. Check out the best (and worst) places to drop below:

General World’s Edge Tips

World’s Edge adds a bunch of new game mechanics to the game from a train that circles the map to supply rooms, but fear not – everything you need to know has been detailed below:

  • Let’s start with one of the cooler additions, the train. The train automatically travels around the map (players are able to board and stop the train), and it also contains plenty of high value loot; it’s not unheard of to kit your whole team out with purple armor and a Phoenix Kit. However, in my experience there’s not usually many guns on the train (it’s more defensive items) and it’s a pretty popular place to drop, so if you do drop there make sure you manage to land on a supply bin and pray for a gun. If you don’t get one you might want to jump off.
  • World’s Edge is around 2x larger than Kings Canyon which means travelling from one location to another takes longer, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to the circle. I was caught out a couple of times in the first few games.
  • You’ll see new supply drones in the sky which change colour (there’re like flying balls – no, not those type of balls, I mean footballs), the colour represents the loot that will drop from them when they’re shot, so as soon as it goes yellow (legendary) shoot them down and be rewarded.
  • There’s new supply rooms dotted around World’s Edge. To enter these rooms you will need a key, which as far as I have seen can only be obtained by either shooting one of the supply drones which are carrying one (they should change to a red colour) OR by killing a player that already has one (which they’ve obtained from a drone). If anyone knows of any other ways to get hold of a supply room key we’d love to know, so drop us a comment at the bottom of this guide.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the closer you drop to the outside of the map the safer it is i.e. the less squads you will come across. This was also true for Kings Canyon but it’s something you should remember if you want a quiet game.
  • The new weapon that was introduced to Apex Legends at the same time as World’s Edge is pretty good, in fact it’s very good. The Charge Rifle is a laser beam sniper that lasers foes down and explodes on them if you hold the trigger long enough. It’s really annoying to play against since it does a lot of damage and requires a fairly low skill level to use. The best way to counter it is to stay behind cover and get close.

Named Location Drops

Named locations obviously hold the best loot, but each one is different and bears different rewards. Some are safer, some are more dangerous, but don’t worry there’s no need to guess – we’ve given you the stats for each location below. The locations below are listed from most populated down (in other words the most dangerous to the safest).

High, Med, and Low next to location names refer to their popularity. For example, High = A lot of people tend to drop here.

Thermal Station (High)

Supply Bins: 48

Thermal Station is massive and can easily kit out a few squads, so if you see other squads dropping here simply move to a different part of the Thermal Station (the outside has plenty of loot too so you don’t need to drop right in the middle). However, because of the abundance of high value loot here it’s a busy place to drop, so it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to get into a firefight. Make sure you get a weapon quickly (drop by doors and supply bins) and stick with your team, if you manage to take out another team early on you should have enough gear to clear up (depending on skill level) or at least move on to a quieter location if you’d rather not risk another fight.

Sorting Factory (High)

Supply Bins: 44

Sorting Factory, as with Thermal Station, has plenty of loot, more than enough for a few squads. Again, as with Thermal Station it’s a popular drop place, so if you’re looking for a fight this is your spot. Sorting Factory is arguably a more risky drop than Thermal Station due to people who drop at Lava City, The Dome, or The Tree making their way north (if the circle is north) which means you’re running the risk of getting shot in the back or encountering more enemies, just when you thought you were safe looting Sorting Factory in peace after taking out the other teams that dropped there.

The Train Yard (High)

Supply Bins: 26

The Train Yard never used to see many people drop there, however, the ‘supply room’ is located here and since it’s been unlocked more people have started dropping here hoping to get their hands on the sweet, sweet loot. There’s not actually that much decent loot here if it wasn’t for the supply room, but The Train Yard does lead on to tunnels and various other buildings that have even more supply bins so it’s always been a pretty good place to drop.

Skyhook (High)

Supply Bins: 26

Skyhook can be found at the northern edge of the map and is one of the more popular places to drop. There’s plenty of loot to go round several teams both on Skyhook itself (the big tower) and in the buildings surrounding Skyhook. Once you’ve finished looting Skyhook it’s generally a good idea to avoid Epicenter and instead go south to the Drill Site and Train Yard respectively. One of the good things about dropping at Skyhook (or any other place at the edge of the map) is that if you manage to survive the first five minutes and gear up you’re in a good position, as players won’t be behind you.

Capitol City (High)

Supply Bins: 19

Capitol City is a mixed bag, sometimes you might drop here and get the loot you want and sometimes there’s sweet FA and, in my opinion, there’s much better places to drop. However, Capitol City is one of the most popular drop locations, so if you like getting into a firefight or two it’s probably one of the best places to drop, but be warned –  if you suck the game will be over pretty quickly for you.

Refinery (Med)

Supply Bins: 25

Refinery is one of my favourite places to drop on the new map. There are only a few buildings here but each building has a tonne of loot in (and usually good loot). Whereas other areas make you go in and out of several buildings in search of loot, Refinery allows you to loot up in just a few which makes gearing up a lot quicker and prepares you for your push into the Epicenter, and since the Epicenter is comprised of a lot of buildings by the time you push in you should have better gear than your enemies.

The Epicenter (Med)

Supply Bins: 15

The Epicenter can be a great place to drop. It’s not overly crowded and there’s usually plenty of loot here to kit out your team, however the one downside to it is it’s sandwiched between Refinery and Capitol City. Capitol City isn’t an issue as you’ll have the high ground over the players there and usually from Capitol City you would run South rather than North, so the chances of them running to you is slim and if they do you’ll have the opportunity to get the jump on them, but the players who drop at Refinery will be coming up on you pretty quickly.

Overlook (Med)

Supply Bins: 19

Overlook contains quite a bit of gear when you take into account the extra building next to the train track, it’s also out of the way so is usually pretty quiet. One downside of it being so far away from other locations is that by the time you’re ready to move on the other nearby areas (Capitol City, Epicenter, Refinery) will already have been looted and will have well geared squads there ready for a firefight. However, if you manage to take a team down you have the potential to win the game.

The Geyser (Med)

Supply Bins: 17

The Geyser is one of the coolest places to drop. As you have probably guessed by the name, there’s a Geyser placed at the centre of the location. If you approach and enter the Geyser it will blast you into the air, allowing you to engage your thrusters and get to your next location quickly. The next location will depend on your play style – if you like action you’ll want to head into the Sorting Factory or north to Capitol City. If you prefer to play it a bit safer you can head south to Lava City and The Dome.

Lava Fissure (Med)

Supply Bins: 29

Lava Fissure or Drill Site, that is the question, and the answer depends on whether you like a bit of early action or not. If not, Drill Site should be your drop of choice, but if you do prefer an early fight (I do as it makes gearing up much quicker) then Lava Fissure has you covered. It’s a bit bigger than Drill Site which means it has more gear, and although more people generally drop here than they do at Drill Site it’s still fairly quiet when compared to many other drop locations. From Lava Fissure you also have an abundance of places to go next; my personal favourite route is to push into Drill Site and then around to The Train Yard, then south to Fuel Depot and finally onto the Sorting Factory. After that it really depends where the circle is (and if the circle is north you’ll generally end up in Capitol City).

Drill Site (Low)

Supply Bins: 13

Drill site is one of the better places to drop if you don’t like to get into a firefight early on. There’s quite a bit of loot here for such a small area (though the loot doesn’t compare to the more popular, larger areas). There’s a couple of zip-lines running through the site too which makes getting from one side to the other a breeze, and right in the middle there’s a balloon which means you can quickly get to your next looting area. This is my drop of choice when playing with random players.

Lava City (Low)

Supply Bins: 15

Lava City is a bit out of the way and is fairly small, which means not many people drop here and the loot isn’t too hot either, but it’s a great place to drop if you’re scared of early game combat. One good thing about Lava City is that you’ll most likely find enough loot here to be moderately equipped in terms of weapons (most of your squad will be running level 1 shields), and from Lava City you can only really go to the Sorting Factory which is a popular drop location, so if you play it right you could easily sneak in and clean up after everyone else who dropped there has finished fighting. If you survive that you’re set for the rest of the game, however, if you drop at Lava City out of fear you’re probably not good enough to clean up so you should read this guide first.

The Dome (Low)

Supply Bins: 22

There’s plenty of loot to be had at The Dome, more than enough for your whole squad, and since it’s the most-coastal named location not many people drop here, so unless the flight path is directly over The Dome the chance of you having the place to yourself is pretty high. However, if the flight path does go over The Dome you will almost certainly meet another squad or two. After you’ve finished looting The Dome you can either head straight to Sorting Factory or if you’re not feeling brave you can head north to Lava City where you’ll most likely see less players.

The Tree (Low)

Supply Bins: 13

As with Lava City, The Tree is a good place to drop if you plan to storm Sorting Factory after you’ve picked up some loot. It’s also a bit safer than Lava City (less people drop here) due to there only being 13 supply bins here compared to the 15 at Lava City. Dropping at The Tree is always a risk and if you’re a newer player I would say Lava City is actually better, as you’ll find more gear there and will probably drop alone.

The best locations to drop at?

So, that’s all of the named locations, but what are the best places to drop? Well, that’s subjective, but my personal favourites are as follows:

  1. Lava Fissure
  2. The Geyser
  3. The Train Yard
  4. The Train (the actual moving train)
  5. Sorting Factory

Now, I prefer to see action pretty early on as taking other peoples loot is a much quicker way to gear up (I’m essentially Robin Hood), but if you prefer a slower game then head to the locations near the coast, my favourite three of which being The Dome, The Tree and Drill Site.

So that’s it for the World’s Edge map guide. Have any more tips that you would like to see added to this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to get them added!



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