Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available along with the new map

Fortnite is now available to play again following a two day blackout after the end of Season X, and it’s back as Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1, bringing with it a new map and a whole bunch of new gameplay features.

This confirms the various leaks that have appeared over the last week or so, when an image of the game being re-branded as Fortnite Chapter 2 appeared on the Italian version of the iOS App Store and a leaked trailer showed off the new map and features. Pretty much everything that we saw in that leaked trailer is now confirmed following the release of an official trailer earlier today, which you can see below:

The new map comes loaded with a bunch of new named locations as well as a number of returning favourites. The aesthetics of the map are very similar to those of the old one, meaning you’ll still be doing battle in woods and on hills amid a whole lot of green, but there are also a number of rivers running through various areas of the map. These rivers bring with them two of the new gameplay mechanics that are now a part of Fortnite – the ability to swim (not underwater) and the ability to drive boats. You can also now go fishing in these waters if you manage to find a fishing rod, allowing you to catch fish which provide you with a small health boost.

You can also now hide away in certain spots such as dumpsters or barrels, and you can carry downed teammates over your shoulder to help them move faster. There’s also a new healing bazooka which can be used to fire healing bandages at a teammate from a distance. A large number of weapons also seem to have been vaulted, which means the game is taking a more back-to-basics approach as it looks to reinvent itself, so you can still expect to find the likes of Assault Rifles, Tactical Shotguns, Pump Shotguns, and the Bolt-Action Sniper knocking around.

Uniquely, Epic hasn’t released any patch notes for this update, instead opting to let players discover the changes for themselves.

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