Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer shows off new map and features

We live in an age where, largely thanks to the internet, practically nothing can be kept secret – just ask Epic Games. Fortnite is currently down following last nights live event, “The End”, which saw the whole map sucked into a black hole to conclude Season X. Of course, we pretty much knew that was going to happen already thanks to leaks which all but confirmed a new map, and now a fresh leak has given us a better look at the new map and some of the new features that are coming to Fortnite when the game becomes available again.

These fresh leaks were originally revealed by Skin Tracker, who shared the trailer on Twitter earlier before being asked to remove it by Epic, until they eventually got clearance to re-post it. The leak comes in the form of a new Battle Pass trailer for “Chapter 2 – Season 1”, which gives away a whole bunch of new information. Check it out below.

The trailer shows off a whole bunch of new areas that must be coming in the new map, including a nuclear power plant and a beach, and it looks like there’s going to be a whole load of new features. New things that we see in the trailer include the ability to carry a downed player over your shoulders, boats that can fit entire squads, pogoing (this could be an emote), and the ability to fish (Glen will love that!). Interestingly, the trailer also seems to show new ways to level up your Battle Pass, with players being awarded new medals—Battle, Scavenger, and Survival—for performing certain activities, such as getting kills, looting items from a chest, and chopping down a tree to gather materials respectively.

This suggests that players will be able to level up their Battle Pass quicker and easier than they have been able to previously, but that added ease may be counteracted by the fact that the new max Battle Pass level may far exceed the previous max level of 100. The trailer shows some absolute maniac leveling their Battle Pass up to Level 127, but we’ll have to wait and see what the new maximum level is – 150, maybe?

Of course, Epic has kept tight-lipped on the leaked trailer so far, so we’ll have to wait to get any official confirmation, but unless they’re playing some elaborate prank to get one over on dataminers then you can be pretty sure that the trailer is legit, but we’ll  just have to wait for official word direct from the horses mouth before we can confirm anything.



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