Life Is Strange 2 is getting a physical release in December

Life Is Strange 2 will get a physical release on Tuesday 3rd December, coinciding with the release of the fifth and final episode, Square Enix has confirmed.

The episodic graphic adventure game will be getting two physical versions. The first will be a standard edition which will include all five episodes of Life Is Strange 2 as well as the games prequel, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which released in June 2018 as an introduction to Life Is Strange 2. You’ll also get some Arcadia Bay Patches which can be used to customise your in-game backpack. The standard physical release will set you back £34.99.

If you want to splash some more cash then there will also be a Life Is Strange 2 Collector’s Edition which will set you back £64.99 and is only available exclusively from the Square Enix store. The Collector’s Edition will also include all five episodes, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and the Arcadia Bay Patches, but you’ll also get a 32-page hardcover artbook featuring concept art from the game, figurines of the two main characters Sean and Daniel, and—perhaps most excitingly—a four-disc vinyl set of Jonathan Morali’s score, who also composed the fantastic soundtrack to the original Life Is Strange. The Collector’s Edition is “strictly” limited to a single production run, so if you’re interested grab it now before it’s too late. You can pre-order your copy here.

It’s been a long, drawn out saga waiting for Life Is Strange 2 to reach its conclusion. The first episode originally released in September of last year, and there has been around a four month gap between the release of each episode since then, which I still think is simply too long to wait. I’ll be waiting for all episodes to be available before I binge-play them, much like I did with the original Life Is Strange, so maybe I’ll buy the Collector’s Edition just so that I can get my hands on Jonathan Morali’s score – I still listen to the original games soundtrack now.

Life Is Strange 2 will get a physical release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Tuesday 3rd December, coinciding with the release of the fifth and final episode.

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