Life Is Strange 2’s remaining episodes release dates revealed

Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2 will arrive on Thursday 9th May, some four and a half months since Episode 2 saw the light of day.

That makes the gaps between each episode relatively consistent, as players had to wait four months between Episode 1 and Episode 2, and that will be the case for the remainder of the episodes too, as developer Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed that Episode 4 won’t arrive until Thursday 22nd August, with Episode 5 concluding things on Tuesday 3rd December.

That means that when Life Is Strange 2 reaches its conclusion in December it will have taken a ridiculous 15 months to get there. That is simply too long in my opinion, and surely even the most patient of fans must feel similiar. Episodic content is something that people often like to binge, but even those who are happy to wait for each episode will surely have forgotten parts of the story after such a long wait? Just imagine waiting four months between episodes of your favourite TV series…

I for one will be waiting for all episodes to be released before I delve into the world of Life Is Strange 2, as the first game gripped me so much that I had to play all of the episodes within a two week period.

Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2, which is title “Wasteland”, will release on Thursday 9th May on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



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