Buy a Samsung 860 EVO SSD with a free copy of The Division 2

Ebuyer are currently running a promotion on the Samsung 860 EVO SSD range, offering you up to £108 off (for the 2TB version) as well as a free copy of The Division 2 for the PC. Interested? Take advantage of it while you can here.

The free copy of the Division 2 is only available on the 500GB version and upwards. The 500GB version will set you back £84.98 with a saving of £8.25 plus the free game, which would usually cost £49.99 on the Epic Game Store (admittedly you could probably find it a bit cheaper elsewhere), but that still represents a great deal. Check out the full breakdown of the potential savings below:

Version Discount Total discount including game
500GB SSD £8.25 £58.24
1TB SSD £38.21 £88.20
2TB SSD £108.78 £158.77

Even without the free copy of The Division 2 these prices are good, but if you’re looking at picking up the game at some point anyway and don’t yet have an SSD then this could be the perfect time to get them both and save yourself a bunch of money.

If you haven’t upgraded to an SSD yet and you use your PC for gaming (or even work) then you should consider it, as it’s probably the single most impressive upgrade you can make to a PC. The speed difference in boot up times, game loading times, and general PC use is phenomenal. Obviously it won’t help you run games that don’t work on your PC already as it’s just a storage unit, but it will make your life a whole lot less laggy. They’re really easy to set up and install too, especially Samsung SSD’s, as they come bundled with software which will clone your current hard drive onto the SSD in no time at all.

You can grab the deal on Ebuyer here.







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