Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode gets a gameplay trailer

Battlefield V’s take on the battle royale genre, Firestorm, will launch on Monday, and to get us all in the mood EA has released a new gameplay trailer for the mode. It doesn’t give us much new information, largely just reiterating what we learnt in the leaked tutorial video, but it does give us a look at a lot more of the mode in action for the first time. Check it out below:

The trailer confirms that there will be seventeen vehicles available in the mode, ranging from tanks and jeeps to helicopters and…a tractor. I’m fully expecting the tractor to become the main vehicle of choice, because let’s be honest, mowing people down in a tractor will be hilarious. While you may be highly dangerous when you’re travelling the map in a vehicle you’ll also be more vulnerable, as players who have managed to find anti-vehicle weaponry will be able to take you down.

As we knew before, Firestorm will feature the same levels of destruction that Battlefield’s multiplayer component is famous for, and players will also be able to raid safes or complete resupply point objectives to obtain some sweet loot, at the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable to enemy attacks. If you do get dropped then your teammates will have a small window of opportunity to revive you, as is the case in other battle royale games, but you will also be able to fire your sidearm to try and defend yourself while you’re waiting for a revive.

All of this will take place in matches of up to 64 players in Solo or Squads (duos is on the way), on a map that is ten times the size of Battlefield V’s current largest map Hamada, all while the modes titular Firestorm closes in on the map “destroying everything in its path”, except for humans, apparently.

Firestorm is launching into a crowded market, with a plethora of battle royale games available to players wherever you look, so it remains to be seen how it fares. There’s certainly an argument that it offers some things that no other battle royale game does, such as Battlefield’s destruction and the series realistic gunplay which could make Firestorm quite the spectacle, but it could easily be the case that not enough people care about trying out yet another battle royale mode. We’ll have to wait and see.

Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode launches on Monday 25th March.



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