You can grab Overwatch on Nintendo Switch for £22.99 at CD Keys

UPDATE: Since posting this article the price has been changed to £22.99 and the offering of 3 months of Switch Online subscription has been removed – it’s still a great deal though, so grab it while you can.

The Nintendo Switch port of Overwatch is out tomorrow, Tuesday 15th October, and you can currently grab it for just over twenty quid over at CD Keys.

To be precise, you can get hold of Blizzard’s team-based shooter for just £21.99, which is the cheapest I’ve found by a good way. To put that into perspective, buying the game through the Nintendo eShop will cost you £35.99, buying through Argos or Amazon will cost £34.99, and buying through ShopTo will cost you £29.85. In fact, the second cheapest I’ve found is Instant Gaming, who are selling Overwatch for the Switch for £26.78.

That makes CD Keys the no-brainer option if you’re looking to purchase the game ready for launch day tomorrow. Overwatch: Legendary Edition will give you the base game and all of the updates that the game has received since its original launch in May 2016, and you’ll even get 3 months of a Switch Online subscription to go with it, which is something you’ll need to get involved in the 6v6 competitive shooter anyway.

For anybody who is thinking of shunning this deal because you want a physical copy of the game, then you should probably know that the physical copy of the game doesn’t actually contain a cartridge. Instead, you’ll merely be buying a plastic case which contains a download code, which seems like complete madness and an absolute waste of plastic, but there you go.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition launches for the Nintendo Switch on Tuesday 15th October. If you’re planning on picking it up then grab it from CD Keys and save yourself some money.



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