How to unlock and craft weapon mods in The Division 2

Weapon mods in The Division 2 work a bit differently when compared to the first game, and some people are getting a bit frustrated and are unable to find the mods that they want, so hopefully this guide will help.

How to get mods in The Division 2

In the first game, you were inundated with mods that dropped from enemies. However, this time around you have to craft most of the weapon mods, and once they’re crafted you’ll be able to use them as many times as you want without crafting them again. The random stats have also been removed, so each mod now has set stats which should take away some confusion for players who didn’t know how high the stats for each mod could roll in the first game.

I personally think this is a good change, as in the first game there were way too many variations of mods which meant you never actually knew which was good, and honestly they just clogged up your inventory.

The only negative of doing it this way is that it’s actually quite a challenge to get hold of all of the mods that you want, as you’ll have to find blueprints for each one. Although most blueprints are given as rewards for side missions or projects, some are dropped in the world and therefore rely purely on luck to get. For example, one of the most frustrating mods to getespecially for players who opt for an assault rifleis the 7.62mm extended magazine, which fits into a lot of the assault rifles on offer.

To unlock this mod you first have to be at endgame, so if the small magazine size in your assault rifle is annoying you and you haven’t completed the game yet there’s nothing you can do about it. Once you’re at endgame, you have to get control points to ‘alert level 3’, and you do this by completing activities attached to the control points (this is all explained in a tutorial once you beat the game). When you finally have a control point to alert level three, you then have to take control of it, which is actually pretty tough because with each alert level comes tougher enemies. A surprisingly good tip would be to do these solo, as less enemies spawn which I personally have found to make it easier.

When you have done all of that, you have a ‘chance’ of getting the 7.62mm extended magazine blueprint as a reward. If you don’t get it, you’ll have to do it all over again at a different control point. Eventually, however, you will get it, as each time you clear a level three control point you’re rewarded with a blueprint, and there’s only so many blueprints on offer.

So, as you can see it will probably take you more time to get the mods that you want, but there are ways to speed the mod grinding process up:

  • Always check your projects tab for projects that provide blueprints. You can usually complete these during normal gameplay or by running to your target location (instead of fast travelling) and completing some side activities along the way.
  • Hover over side missions to see if they offer mod blueprints  – it usually shows which blueprint is unlocked too, so you know if it’s worth your time
  • Complete alert level 3 checkpoints solo to complete them easier (this might not apply to everyone)
  • There are some mods which you can unlock with perks at the quartermaster in the Base of Operations, these mods are as follows:
    • Tactical small pouch magazine; fits any belt-fed weapon
    • Balanced spring 5.56 mag; fits 5.56 assault style weapons
    • Precision 7.62 mag; fits 7.62 assault style weapons
    • Field pistol mag; fits sidearms
    • Loud vent break 5.56 muzzle; fits 5.56 caliber muzzles
    • Compensator 7.62; fits 7.62 caliber muzzles
    • Small suppressor 9mm muzzle; fits 9mm caliber muzzles
    • Osprey 45 suppressor; fits .45 caliber muzzles
    • T2 micro red dot sight; fits short and long top rails
    • Acog scope (4x); fits long top rails
    • Short grip underbarrel attachment; fits long rails
    • Compact coupled small laser pointer; fits non-rail couplings

Crafting mods in The Division 2

Crafting mods is easy. Head to the Base of Operations and go to the crafting bench and navigate to the weapon mods. As long as you have the materials needed you’ll be able to craft the mod that  you want by pressing the indicated button. As mentioned previously, once you have crafted a mod you can use it as many times as you like – there’s no need to craft another one.

As of Friday 5th April, standard weapon mods no longer provide a negative stat and instead now only offer benefits (more advanced mods do have some negative stats, but these are usually outweighed by the positives). Before this update, mods would provide, say, a 10% increase in weapon accuracy but would then minus 10% weapon stability. This led to players either not using a mod in a specific slot or not equipping mods at all, which obviously wasn’t the intended outcome. Since the update, players are now using mods like they did in the first game.






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