How to get all 12 masks in The Division 2

The masks are arguably the coolest vanity items in The Division 2, and because of that, they’re not the easiest items to obtain. In fact, if you weren’t reading a guide on how to get them (like this one) the chances are that you would never actually find out how to unlock them unless you’re one of those people that scrutinises the world map in search for Easter Eggs. On top of this, when you do finally find out how to unlock them you’re then faced with level 35 hunters, and these alone are enough of a challenge to take down and they essentially lock off the masks until end game when you’re well geared.

At the moment, there are 12 masks you can unlock in The Division 2 and details on how to unlock each of these are below. I’ve included a video for each as well as a written guide for those of you that prefer to read your guides:

You have to play at night in order to unlock the masks below – if it isn’t night time the hunters will not spawn. The only hunter that will spawn in the day time is the hunter for the demon mask.

Demon Mask

To obtain the Demon Mask you first need to complete the side mission ‘Investigate the distress call’ which can be found directly east of the Demolition Site control point in Downtown East. During the side mission, you will come across your first hunter which will escape through a door after electrocuting you.

Once you have completed this side mission, stay in the building you are in but head downstairs to the Atrium, once in the Atrium look to the west and you should see 4 targets in the windows – shoot each target just once in any order and then the Demon Hunter will spawn in a puff of smoke. Take down the Demon Hunter and he will drop you the Demon Mask.

Crimson Mask

The Crimson Mask is also unlocked in Downtown East, but this time you want to head to the biggest building directly below the ‘District Union Arena’ Stronghold. On your map, you’ll see that the building that you need to be in has a courtyard in the middle. Go inside the building and head to the southern edge of the building and look for a desk, on the desk you will see a walkie talkie which you can interact with, interact with it and then head to the northern part of the building and look for another desk, but this time you need to interact with the telephone. Once you have done this (it must be in this order) the hunter will spawn in the courtyard and will drop the Crimson Mask once you kill it.

Ghoul Mask

The Ghoul mask can be unlocked in West Potomac Park. First, you’ll need to trigger the hunter spawn which you do in the sewers. Fast travel to the Lincoln Memorial mission which can be found to the west of the park and then run north and go down the first sewer entrance. Once in the sewer go north and up the stairs, you will see what looks like an old Division agents hideout and here you need to interact with the laptop on the desk (there’s two laptops here but you can only interact with one of them). Once you’ve done that head back to the Lincoln Memorial and run East towards the water resource which will be marked on your map, once there you will see a makeshift building on top of a shipping crate with a light bulb swinging, shoot the light bulb and the hunter will spawn – kill it to obtain the Ghoul mask (remember, it must be night time for the hunter to spawn).

Wraith Mask

To unlock the Wraith Mask, fast travel to the ‘Liberty’s Call’ safe house which is in the very south east of the map, once there run outside and continue running east towards Interstate 395 BN, when you arrive at the interstate look for the big American flag on a flag pole. You’ll see a war memorial with soldiers names behind the flag.

Once here you have to spawn the hunter, to do this look for the light illuminating the war memorial to the right of the flag pole (it’s a small light on the floor, not the lamp post) – shoot the light out and then get into the water and face the war memorial and use the ‘Salute’ emote and the hunter should spawn (if the hunter doesn’t spawn right away move around in the water a bit and salute from different positions).

Specter Mask

The Specter Mask can be found in East Mall and, more specifically, at the Department of Agriculture building. Once there, you’ll see a crashed truck out front, jump on top of it and face the building, you’ll need to shoot the windows in a specific order and without missing a shot; if you shoot the wrong window or miss a shot then you will have to reload the game to try again, so be careful. The easiest way to pull this off is by using a single shot gun like a sniper or a rifle. The order you need to shoot the windows in are below:

Ghost Mask

The Ghost Mask is actually bugged at the moment, which means that by following the riddle you’re not able to unlock it, however, there’s another non-official way you can get the mask; it’s still a legitimate way of obtaining it, it’s just a bit long winded. If you would like to get it now then follow the steps below, otherwise, I’ll update this guide once Ubisoft has fixed the riddle bug.

First, you’ll need to take control of the Washington Monument control point if you haven’t done so already. Once you’ve captured it head to the supply room and you’ll see a TV on the wall, interact with the TV and it will add three new points of interest onto your map.

Now you need to capture the Flooded Levee control point. Once under your control head to the south-east corner of the control point and you’ll see a grave in the grassy area, stand in front of the grave and use the salute emote, once you’ve done this you should get some static on your hud.

Now head back to the Washington Monument control point and run north-east, you should see another grave. This time, stand in front of the grave facing the Washington Monument and use the salute emote again.

Now run to the south-west of the Washington Monument and you should see some more graves, use the salute emote again on the third grave. Once you’ve done that head back to the Washington Monument supply room and interact with the TV for a second time and you should see an orange circle appear on the screen, this essentially means that you’ve hit a checkpoint and you won’t have to do all of that running around again, even if you fail the next task.

Finally, you need to head north-west of the Washington Monument and make your way inside the General Care Monument Field Hospital Missing Persons area where you should see a crane. Next to the crane you will see a hunter, pull out a sniper with as much headshot damage on it as you can (i.e. equip the digital scope and any other attachments that increase headshot damage) and shoot the hunter in the head. If you manage to kill him in one shot he will drop the Ghost Mask, if you fail to kill him in one shot you’ll have to reload the game and try again, this time with a better sniper setup.

Midas & Revenant Masks

Things start to get a little harder now as two hunters will spawn. It might be a good idea to have a group with you, as no matter how well geared you are hunters can take you down quickly. The good thing is this is one of the easiest ones to trigger, so even if you do decide to go it alone you don’t have to do much running to start it again if you die.

To trigger the hunters, fast travel to the Potomac Event Center mission. Head inside the mission without starting it (e.g. without selecting replay mission). Once there, head to the west of the mission area and look for a swimming pool, once you’ve found the swimming pool jump in and perform the jumping jacks emote and the two hunters will spawn.

Death, Cross, Diamond & Phantom Masks

I’ve saved the hardest for last. You unlock all four of these masks at the same time and, you guessed it, 4 hunters are spawned. To complete this you’re almost certainly going to need at least one other player – you might be able to kill 2 solo but you’ll have a very hard time taking down 4.

To trigger the hunters, head to East Mall and, more specifically, the ice rink (north of the Sinkhole, there will be a water resource marked on your map in the middle of the ice rink). Once there, look west and you should see a coffee shop, head inside and pull the lever by the side of the counter. Once you’ve pulled the lever head back outside and you’ll see a Christmas tree, sprint around the tree a few times and the hunters will spawn – kill all four and you’ll get each of the masks mentioned above.

That’s it, how to unlock all 12 masks in the Division 2. If you would rather follow a video guide then PS4 Trophies have created this great video walkthrough:

Be sure to check back here soon as we’re always writing new guides for The Division 2 (and other games).






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