Weapon damage ranges explained & min/max weapon damages in The Division 2

In a game like The Division 2 where loot drops so frequently, it can become difficult to know what items are keepers and what’s nothing more than vendor trash. Weapons, for example, not only roll with three random weapon talents that can decide its usefulness, but also a raw damage stat that’s inside a range for that weapon

Let’s say you pick up your favourite Assault Rifle. It’s rolled with three very good talents and it’s gearscore 500. It’s a keeper, right? Equipping it right away? Slow down!

Regardless of it’s talents and gearscore, that Assault Rifle might not be as good as you think it is. That’s because of its random damage roll. Each weapon that drops and every crafted weaponincluding exoticshas a damage range.

Let’s use the example of our favourite Assault Rifle again. It’s damage ranges from 11.5k to 14k. That means that this particular weapon can drop with a damage roll anywhere between those two numbers. A weapon dropping with a low damage roll will mostly likely be trash.

Knowing these damage ranges is only half the problem, however. The Division 2 does a horrible job of allowing you to view a weapons raw damage, because the damage numbers are calculated on screen with your gear, talents, and specialization stats included. Essentially, the average player won’t have a clue if the weapon that’s just dropped is good or not, as their stats screen will show a completely different number which is normally a lot higher.

My FAMAS on my fully geared main shows damage of 17.9k.


The same FAMAS transferred to my stash and viewed on my ‘mule’ shows its base damage of 10.2k

Thankfully, there are a few simple workarounds that will have you searching for the very best weapons in no time. In this guide, I’ll be detailing the damage ranges for all the top weapons in every weapon category. I’ll also give you some helpful workarounds so that you can actually see how much base damage these weapons do, thus knowing if it’s rolled at the higher or lower end of the range.

Assault Rifles

Weapon Min damage Max damage
Eagle Bearer 14061 17186
Eagle Bearer 14061 17186
Police M4 9374 11457
Mk16 12304 15038
AK-M (all variants) 13358 16327
FAMAS 2010 9960 12173
Military P416 11132 13605
Custom P416 G3 11718 14322
G36 (all variants) 10546 12889
CTAR-21 8788 10741
Mk16 (all variants) 12304 15038
ACR 11718 14322


Weapon Min damage Max damage
MG5 10546 12889
M249 14647 17902
Pestilence 11718 14322
M60 16405 20050
RPK-74 11718 14322
L86 12889 15754


Weapon Min damage Max damage
M700 (all variants) 72650 88794
Model 700 86711 105979
SVD (all variants) 41012 50125
Nemesis 257789 315074
Mk20 32810 40100
SR-1 70892 86645



Weapon Min damage Max damage
SMG-9 10546 12889
Tactical Vector SBR 9mm 14061 17186
Vector SBR 9mm 7031 8593
Vector SBR .45 ACP 7031 8593
The Chatterbox 11132 3605
T821 (all variants) 15233 18618
AUG (all variants) 11718 14322
MP5 (all variants) 10546 12889
MP7 8788 10741
MPX 9374 11457



Weapon Min damage Max damage
ACR 18748 22914
Ruthless/Merciless 21092 25779
MDR 22264 27211
MK17 28122 34372
M4 21092 25779
LVOA-C 19920 24347
Classic M1A 42184 51558
Socom M1A/M1A CQB 26951 32940
M16A2 11132 13605


Weapon Min damage Max damage
ACS-12 32810 40100
SASG-12 (all variants) 42184 51558
Super 90 (all variants) 56245 68743
M870 (all variants) 103116 126030
SPAS-12 (all variants) 112490 137487
Lullaby/Sweet Dreams 135925 166130
Double Barrel (all variants) 121864 148944
Socom M1A/M1A CQB 26951 32940



Weapon Min damage Max damage
Desert Eagle/D50 46871 57286
Liberty 52144 63731
M1911/M45A1 (all variants) 27185 33226
Diceros (all variants) 39840 48693
PF45 (all variants) 18162 22198
Px4 Storm (all variants) 19920 24347

So, those are the damage ranges for all of the noteworthy weapons in the game. These ranges are for High-End gearscore 500 versions of the weapons. The lower the gear score, the lower the range.

So now we know what we’re looking for, how do we go about viewing this information? Like I said previously, The Division 2 makes it difficult to view the damage a weapon has due to gear, talents, and specializations. So why not remove those factors completely!

My weapons mule character. Perfect for viewing base numbers

One of the easiest ways to view a weapons damage is to create a new characterone with the grey gear that you start withand then just move the weapons you want to check the damage for into the shared stash. The level 1 ‘damage range mule’, as I like to call it, can then hold the weapons and you are available to view the damage numbers without having the stats altered. You don’t need to be able to equip the weapon to view it’s damage, meaning you can scroll through all of the weapons that you’ve transferred, viewing where in the damage range it rolled.

I can scroll through all weapons in my stash and inventory, viewing the base damage numbers.

The best part of this method is that creating a character and progressing to the White House only takes a few minutes. You can even play through the first mission and gather a couple of SHD Tech to increase your inventory should you wish to hold on to more weapons.

If creating a new character just isn’t for you, or you can’t be bothered to keep switching between your main and your mule, then we can also apply math to work out our weapons damage.

Let’s use my Military AK-M as an example.

First, you want to equip the weapon you want to check the damage of in the primary weapon slot.

Next, head to the stat screen, as shown below, making a note of the weapon damage (24,303) All weapon damage (26.0%) and Assault Rifle (or whatever weapon type you’re using) Damage Bonus (24.0%)

The weapon stats screen has all the information you need to work out weapon damage.

Now, add the weapon damage and the Assault Rifle Damage together.

26% + 24% = 50%

Then, divide the total by 100 and add 1

50% ÷ 100 = 0.5

+1 = 1.5

Finally, divide that number into your weapon damage

24,303 ÷ 1.5 = 16.202

So my Military AK-M has 16.202 damage.

Let’s now check to see where that ranks using the table above.

AK-M (all variants): 13358 – 16327

As you can see, my AK-M has an almost perfect damage roll!

Lucky me.

In the future I hope that Massive releases a patch so that the weapon damage ranges can be easier for players to view. Until then, I hope you found this guide and the methods explained here useful. Fingers crossed that the next P416 that drops for you rolls with both good talents and high damage!






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