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How to redeem Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC items

If you’re one of the millions who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2 (or purchased a copy of the game that includes a redemption code) then it’s your lucky day, as you’ve earned yourself some in-game rewards. If you’re like me, you redeemed the code via the store but then had no idea how to actually get the items in the game, so let me explain the process:

Please be aware that in order to redeem any of these items you will have needed to have completed Chapter 1 in the game. You will also have had to redeem the unique code that came with the game either via the Xbox or PS dashboard.

How to Redeem the War Horse and other DLC Horses

Get the war horse red dead 2

In order to get your hands on the War Horse and the other DLC horses in the game (full list below), you will need to first complete a hunting mission with Hosea. Once you have finished this mission you will unlock the Stables in Valentine. In order to obtain your free DLC horses, you simply need to ride or walk into the stables and choose to buy a horse. The DLC horses should be there for you to redeem.

If you have already passed this mission and have unlocked the stables and bought a different horse, you can go to any stable once you have redeemed your code and retrieve your rewards.

The horses included via DLC are as follows:

  • War Horse (Adrennes) – this is available to anyone who pre-ordered the game
  • Dapper Black – only available to Special Edition players and above
  • Black Chestnut – only available to Ultimate Edition players

How to Obtain the DLC Outfits e.g. Gunslinger

DLC Outfits Red Dead 2

Once you have redeemed the code, these outfits will be available for you to equip as soon as you have unlocked your camp after the first chapter. To equip your DLC outfits, you simply need to visit a wardrobe and you should see the DLC outfits in your list of ‘Owned Outfits’. If you’re not sure where to find the wardrobe then carry on reading:

The first wardrobe you will come across is in your camp, and more specifically at your tent. Approach the wooden box at the end of your bed and you should have the option to access the wardrobe. You can also access a wardrobe in hotel rooms, but you have to rent a room for the night. Once you have rented a room you will see a wardrobe where you can obtain and change into your new outfit.

The DLC outfits in the game are as follows:

  • The Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger Outfit – Special Edition Only
  • The Blackrose Bounty Hunter Outfit – Ultimate Edition Only
  • The Copperhead Enforcer Outfit – Ultimate Edition Only

How to Get the Special Edition Weapons

DLC Guns Red Dead 2

The Ultimate Edition weapons you get by seriously overpaying for the game can be redeemed at any Gunsmith, just flick through the brochure until you spot the weapons that are selling for $0. You should also be able to pick up these guns for free when online is released (by purchasing the Ultimate Edition you also get an XP gain boost when playing online). The free guns are as follows:

  • Volcanic Pistol
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Lancaster Varmint Rifle

Obtain the Outlaw Survival Pack, Cash Bonus, Core Stat Bonus and the Camp Upgrade Discounts

These items are all grouped together as you generally don’t have to do anything to get them; once you have redeemed your code and have installed the small DLC add-on for the game the items should appear ready for you to use. You may, however, need to reset your game fully in order for them to show.

The outlaw pack items includes tonics and food that will go directly into your inventory, and is available to anyone who pre-ordered the game regardless of edition, and the core stats bonus, cash bonus and camp discounts will be enabled as default and are available to Special Edition purchasers and above. However, if you’d rather have to earn the camp upgrades and money yourself and opt to not have a boost to your core stats, you can turn these off in the options menu under ‘General’.

Accessing Special Edition Exclusive Missions

It’s important to note that these missions are also available to players with the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The Del Lobos Gang hideout mission and the bank robbery mission will unlock during story progression; the game will send a notification to let you know when they are available to play. If, however, you happen to miss the notification, or if you’ve already progressed far in the game before redeeming your DLC items, you will find the missions in the story menu where you will be able to replay them.

Additional Game Benefits

As well as the above items, there are also items and bonuses that will be available once the online game mode has launched, these include:

  • Survivor Camp Theme (Ultimate and Special Editions)
  • Rank Bonuses – this allows you to rank up faster online i.e. increased XP gain. (Ultimate Edition)
As a side note, if you pre-ordered the digital copy of the game you will also receive money in GTAV – this will be credited to your Maze Bank account and should be available now. 
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