A Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros is happening this week

Nintendo will be hosting yet another Nintendo Direct this week, and as per the previous Nintendo Direct, it will be centred around their upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.

The live stream will kick off on Twitch on November 1st at 2pm (UK time). The show will be roughly 40 minutes long and will cover everything Smash Bros related. Although Nintendo hasn’t said what exactly they will be discussing during the stream, we’re expecting to see more character reveals and hopefully some more information on the single player aspect of the game, and whether the fan rumours have been true regarding the ghostly spirit mode. The show will be presented by none other than Masahiro Sakurai, the father of the Smash Bros series.

As well as the main Smash Bros event, Nintendo has also announced that there will be a presentation by Nintendo Treehouse.

With Smash Bros Ultimate just over a month away, this will most likely be the final reveal for the game, so hopefully they have left the best until last.

You can watch the Smash Bros Ultimate trailer below:

In other Smash Bros news, players have been petitioning for ‘xxxtentacion’ to be included as a playable character in the game – this is almost certainly not going to happen, but I guess it was worth fans trying if they felt so strongly about it.






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