Project Hospital is now available for PC

If you love building and management sims (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then you probably couldn’t resist trying out Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor Two Point Hospital when it released back in August, but if you’re not interested in humour and you want your management sims to be a more serious affair, then Project Hospital is now available for PC and could be the perfect fit.

Project Hospital takes things a lot more seriously than Two Point (after all, injuries and illnesses are no laughing matter, folks), with real illnesses taking centre stage over things like patients with lightbulbs for heads, and real equipment being used to diagnose and treat people. Building your hospital is more in-depth too, with the possibility of multi-storey hospitals available. If it’s all a bit daunting then don’t worry, Project Hospital has a full tutorial mode (please don’t think it’ll qualify you to be a Doctor, though) a campaign mode and an open-ended sandbox mode which we were very disappointed to not see included in Two Point Hospital.

Indeed, Project Hospital—which has been developed by Oxymoron Games; great name, I know—could well be the perfect hospital management game for those that favour a more realistic take on proceedings. I’m not completely sold on the art style, but that’s something you could probably get used to. Take a look at the release trailer below, which is accompanied by some ridiculously groovy music that sounds like the lovechild of Streets of Rage and Holby City. I keep going back to the trailer just to listen to it. Honestly, I do.

Project Hospital is now available on Steam as well as other outlets for £24.99, and you can get 10% off until November 6th.






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