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  • Valve to run a “preview tournament” for Artifact

    Valve to run a “preview tournament” for Artifact

    As we quickly approach November 28th—the official launch date of Valve’s Dota 2 card game, Artifact—Valve has announced that it will be holding a preview tournament that will showcase the games in-built tournament system. This tournament will take place next weekend (November 10th and 11th) and will see 128 players competing for a share of […]

  • Artifact beta pushed back

    Artifact beta pushed back

    Valve’s upcoming virtual card game Artifact has had it’s beta test delayed. Valve has let players who registered their interesting in taking part in the beta know of the delay by sending out a notification email. The email informs them that the date of the beta has been pushed back to 19th November. A copy […]

  • Artifact has a release date!

    Artifact has a release date!

    Valve’s first new game to be released in years finally has a release date. November 28 is the date CCG (Collectible Card Game) fans worldwide will be marking in their calendars, with a mobile release confirmed for a later date. Developed within the Dota 2 universe—another game by valve—Artifact has players facing off against one […]