Battlefield V: Deluxe Edition on Xbox One is currently £17.99 on CD Keys

We love finding you a deal here at BuffNerfRepeat, and we’ve found you a great one if you’re a fan of World War 2 first-person shooters – the Xbox One version of Battlefield V: Deluxe Edition is currently available for just £17.99 over at CD Keys, representing a whopping 78% off.

Of course, the main attraction of the Deluxe Edition was that it gave players early access to the game before its worldwide launch, but that holds absolutely no relevance now. Still, the Deluxe Edition does come with some exclusive gear, so at least you still get some of the benefits. You can, if you so wish, get hold of the standard edition for £17.99 too (which is 70% off), but you may as well grab the Deluxe Edition and get that little bit more for you money.

This is a great deal for anybody who missed out on Battlefield V when it released back in November, and there’s a good chance that a lot of people decided to give Battlefield a pass in favour of some of the other massive titles that released in the last few months of 2018, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Assassins Creed: Odyssey, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Earlier today, EA published a financial report that revealed that Battlefield V missed its sales target, selling 7.3 million units up to December 31st, around 1 million copies short of what EA had hoped for.

Despite the fact that the game underperformed, I really enjoyed my time with Battlefield V, although I did note in my review of the game that it simply wasn’t finished at launch. In my somewhat mixed review, I said:

“Battlefield V does a lot right. It keeps the core gameplay of Battlefield intact while making subtle changes that ultimately improve the experience, and the consistently excellent visuals and audio coupled with the enhanced levels of destruction strengthen Battlefields position as one of the most ‘must-play’ series in all of gaming. Battlefield V could, one day, be the greatest Battlefield game ever made, but it’s out too early. It has a severe lack of polish (possibly the worst I’ve ever seen in any AAA title), balancing issues across most game modes, a criminally short single-player offering and the series own take on the flavour-of-the-month battle royale genre isn’t out for another five months. Even the Practice Range and the much-promoted Tides of War aren’t available until December; although it’s good to know that the upcoming microtransactions shouldn’t intrude on anybody’s enjoyment, this games-as-a-service approach is already becoming more of a hindrance for the game rather than the positive that we all expected it to be. I can’t help but think that a few more months of development could have helped Battlefield V to become something really special, and in six months when it’s full of content and the existing bugs have been patched out it may be just that, but at the moment–outside of a few adrenaline-fuelled games of Conquest on a select few maps–Battlefield V serves more as a commentary on the problems of developers being forced to meet release schedules and publishers underhand DLC tactics than as a hands down, must-have release.”

Of course, we are now a few months into the games lifespan, and DICE has addressed the bugs and introduced a load of new content to the game, including new maps and the introduction of the classic Battlefield game mode Rushwhich should never have been removed in the first place—and a smaller scale version of Conquest, known as Squad Conquest, which has been very warmly received by players. Also, the games own take on the battle royale genre, known as Firestorm, will be introduced next month.

What that all means is that Battlefield V is now a much more polished, complete experience than it was at launch, which means it truly is now one of the best entries in the series to date. There has never been a better time to check out Battlefield V, and Xbox One players can do so for less than twenty quid. What a day.



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