Rush returns in Battlefield V’s next update

Battlefield V’s next free update, titled Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, will begin on January 17th, and it’s bringing Rush with it.

Of course, Rush should never have been left out of the game in the first place. It’s been one of Battlefield’s most popular modes for years now, and I heavily criticized the decision to remove it in my Battlefield V review. Speaking about the absence of Rush, I said:

“While we’re talking game modes, series-staple Rush is unbelievably not included in Battlefield V at launch. Once again, I can only presume that this is because Rush will be released as part of the free post-launch content, but that, frankly, is bullshit. The idea of free DLC and games-as-a-service is great, but it shouldn’t mean that core features of the series are removed at launch so that they can be released as DLC later.”

Still, it will come as welcome news to fans that the mode is finally coming to the game, but it’s most definitely a few months too late.

Elsewhere, the Lightning Strikes update will also add a new game mode called Squad Conquest. Squad Conquest is a smaller-scale version of the traditional Conquest mode that will see two squads of eight doing battle with two squads of eight for control of three flags on condensed versions of the Hamada, Arras, and Rotterdam maps. There are also new weapons—namely the Zk-383 SMG, Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle, and the M1922 MMG, which will all be available through Weekly Challenges—and there are new vehicles too. A new co-op mode named Combined Arms will be added in February.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes will begin on January 17th and will run through until March when Chapter 3: Trial By Fire will begin. That chapter will bring Battlefield’s very own battle royale mode Firestorm with it.

You can read the full update notes for Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes here.



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