Sony enables cross-play support for Rocket League on PS4

Sony has enabled full cross-play for Rocket League on the PS4, meaning that PS4 players can now compete against players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Cross-play has been enabled between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players for a long time, with Sony being the only company standing firm and not enabling it. PS4 players have previously been able to play against PC players, but Sony refused to allow their players to compete against Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, but this changes all that.

Now, all players on all platforms will be able to play against each other for the first time. Cross-play should be enabled by default, but to double check just head to the main menu, select “Options” and make sure that the “Cross-Platform Play” box is checked in the “Gameplay” tab.

For now, cross-platform play will only work through random matchmaking in all online modes or through private matches if you want to play with a specific friend on another platform. In their statement announcing the news, developer Psyonix did say that they are working on a cross-platform party system that will allow you to partner up with friends on any platform quickly and easily. That feature should release in the first game update of the year, but there’s no date for that yet.

Of course, Sony have been under some pressure from players to allow cross-play in Rocket League for a while now having given into pressure and allowing cross-play on Fortnite back in September. Gamers have been asking for cross-play for a long time, and while Nintendo and Microsoft have been open to the idea Sony have continually refused to get involved. Their apparent ability to simply turn it on at will shows that there is no technical issue preventing cross-play, they just don’t want it to happen, but continual pressure from players appears to be having the desired effect on Sony. Psyonix recognises that it’s player pressure that is making this happen, saying:

“It’s because of YOU, our fans, and our generous partners on all systems and services that have made this possible in the first place. On behalf of the entire team, THANK YOU for your passion and persistence as we continue to do our best to make Rocket League the best experience we can.”

We’re getting there, one game at a time.



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