Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain all coming to the Epic Games Store

French development studio Quantic Dream are bringing three of their most recent games to PC, and they’re coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store.

Those games, in order of their release, are 2010’s Heavy Rain, 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls, and 2018’s Detroit: Become Human. All three have been PlayStation exclusive titles up until now, but PC gamers will soon be able to try them out for themselves. They”ll have to do so through the Epic Games Store, who have bagged exclusive rights to the PC releases for a year, which could be another major scoop for the newest store on the block.

Speaking on the news, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondauiere said:

“With this new partnership with Epic, we can now expand our products to a wider fan base and allow PC players to enjoy our titles.”

While head of Epic Games Store, Steve Allison said:

“We are extremely excited for the Epic Games Store to host such a well-known and established video game studio like Quantic Dream. Their games have truly pioneered the genre of interactive storytelling, and with their expansion onto other platforms we are truly honored they chose to take that first step with Epic Games.”

None of this news should really come as any surprise – Quantic Dream recently announced that they would no longer be making PlayStation exclusives following NetEase purchasing a minority stake in the company, so it makes sense that they would now also look to bring their existing content to more platforms too. Epic Games has also been working hard to try and secure numerous high profile exclusives for its new store in recent months as it looks to take on Steam, something which it seems to be doing a pretty good job of so far. Both Metro: Exodus and The Division 2‘s PC launches have been exclusive to the Epic Games Store in recent weeks.

Make no mistake, this is another major coup for the Epic Games Store, who are sure to be making their competition over at Steam sweat a little bit.

All three titles will release “later this year”, but no release dates have been confirmed as of yet. As always, we’ll keep you informed as and when that information becomes available.



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