World War Z update adds horde mode

Saber Interactive has released a new update for their co-op zombie shooter World War Z, adding a Horde mode to the popular title.

The Horde mode, which is titled Horde Mode Z, will see you fighting off “endless, increasingly more difficult waves of zombies”. As you progress through the waves, you’ll earn resources that can be spent on a randomized weapon pool, upgrades, heavy weapons, med kits, equipment bags, and defence kits to aid you in your efforts. Every wave will also have a side objective which you can complete to gain extra resources and therefore better equip yourself for later waves, and you can also earn extra resources by using a breaching charge to break open the military crates scattered around the map. You’ll also have a brief amount of time between waves to charge around the map like a mad man in search of better gear.

The update also adds a new zombie type known as The Bomber, who Saber Interactive describes as “the unfortunate result of a military demolitions expert getting chewed on by a zombie”. These explosive zombies have a chance of carrying extra loot as long as you don’t blow them up, so you’ll have to “surgically” take it down by shooting safe spots on its body such as its legs if you want to get yourself some extra goodies. Once you take it down safely you’ll have to defuse the bomb to get your loot.

There has been a few teething issues reported about the update, including a weapon XP bug and Horde Mode Z freezing, but Saber Interactive has promised players that they are currently working on a patch for the issues:

The update is now live on all platforms and is free for all players.



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