Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Treyarch makes improvements to Black Ops 4 loot boxes

At the end of last week, we reported on the news that Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 would – after four months – be receiving loot boxes. The news went down like a lead balloon with fans, who were enraged by both duplicate items in crates and the fact that Reserve Cases, which can be earned through playing rather than paying, were not earnable after Tier 100.

Thankfully, developer Treyarch has corrected at least one of the issues with loot boxes today by allowing players to earn  Reserve Cases after Tier 100 on the Contraband stream and increasing the rate at which players earn them through playtime.

In a reddit post found here, Treyarch said the following:

“Effective immediately, Reserve Cases have been added back to the Tiers at the end of the Contraband stream, and players will continue to earn progress toward Cases for gameplay time while progressing through the stream. Daily Tier Skips after 100 Tiers also now work as before, granting a Case for each Tier for players of all modes to ensure the original goal of allowing players to earn Reserves earlier and with more frequency than in previous Operations.”

“Additionally, the earn rate for Reserve Cases through gameplay has been doubled to ensure players earn Cases faster at all times.”

“Lastly, if you’ve already progressed beyond Tier 100 during this Operation, you will automatically be awarded with the same number of Reserve Cases that you would have earned for every Tier completed since that point in this Operation. This means no lost Tier-based progress toward Reserves, as your Cases earned after Tier 100 should be waiting for you once you’ve applied this evening’s update.”

As you can see, the earn rate for Reserve Cases through playing the game has now been doubled, so expect to see a lot more reward for your playtime. Also, cases will be retroactively awarded to those who progressed past Tier 100 before this improvement was patched in, so you may find yourself with some rewards the next time you log in.





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