Three Resident Evil games are coming to the Switch in May

Capcom has announced that three titles from its classic survival horror series, Resident Evil, are coming to the Nintendo Switch next month.

The three games in question are Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil: HD Remaster, and Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil Zero is a prequel to the series that originally released as a GameCube exclusive back in 2002. Resident Evil 4, which saw the return of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 as a playable character, was also originally released as a GameCube exclusive in early 2005, but it did make it to the PlayStation 2 later that year. Resident Evil: HD Remaster, meanwhile, is quite obviously a high definition remaster of the Resident Evil remake that was released on the GameCube in 2002; the HD Remaster of that remake was released on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in 2015.

All three games will be available to purchase digitally through the Nintendo eShop on Tuesday 21st May. There has been no word on pricing or physical copies of the games, but Capcom has revealed that Switch players in North America will be able to purchase the Resident Evil Origins Collection, which will bundle Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: HD Remaster in one package.



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