Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has loot boxes

It took a long time, four months to be precise, but Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has loot boxes, much to the dismay of Call of Duty fans.

Microtransactions aren’t exactly new to the shooter; there are already a plethora of ways that you can spend real money in the game, including the controversial Season Pass which you fork out money for without knowing exactly what you’re going to get, which, when you think about it, is essentially a loot box itself. There are also COD coins which can be used to both purchase cosmetics items for your characters and weapons and to progress through the season tiers. Basically, these new loot boxes are just another thing designed to milk you of your hard-earned money, which coincidentally coincides with the massive Black Ops 4 update which was just released for the game. Maybe that was supposed to soften us up.

Loot boxes in Black Ops 4 are known as ‘Reserve Crates’ and they will set you back 200 COD points (£1.79). Buying loot boxes isn’t the only way to get your hands on the items that are found in loot boxes though, you will be rewarded with one loot box item for every two hours spent playing multiplayer or Blackout.

One issue that COD fans have with these loot boxes is that the items contained within them aren’t just cosmetic. For example, the Swat RFT can be found in the loot boxes, and if you were unlucky enough not to make it to the tier level required to unlock the gun the first time round then you only have one other option, as these loot boxes are the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on it now. Not only that, but you’re also able to get signature MKII weapons in the reserve crates, which will provide you with an extra 25% XP per kill, which is far from being just cosmetic.

To make matters worse, unlike in other popular games that contain loot boxes such as Overwatch and Apex Legends, you’re able to get duplicate items in your boxes, which makes the chance of getting what you want even more slim.

All of this coupled with the fact that Black Ops 4 is a full priced game with a somewhat expensive season pass is really pissing fans off, and anyone reading this shouldn’t support this blatant act of money grabbing or it will only get worse.






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