Alien: Isolation and more joining the Xbox Game Pass over the next week

The Xbox Game Pass already had a strong lineup of games being added this month, with the fantastic Batman: Return to Arkhamwhich brings both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City to the current gen—set to round out the previously announced new titles when it joins the Game Pass tomorrow, Thursday 21st February. But it won’t be over there, as Microsoft has announced another four titles that will join the Game Pass before the month is out.

Firstly, joining the Game Pass tomorrow alongside Batman: Return to Arkham are the 2D metroidvania game Headlander, which has you playing as a head in a jar, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, which joins the Game Pass as an Xbox 360 backwards-compatible title.

Then, two more titles will be added on Thursday 28th February. The Walking Dead: Season Two will join the Game Pass to sit alongside The Walking Dead: Season One, which joined the Game Pass earlier this month. I would expect more seasons to be added in the next month or so, so you may well be able to play the full series through the Game Pass before long. That’s not all though, as survival horror game Alien: Isolation will also join the Game Pass on Thursday 28th February. Alien: Isolation is incredibly atmospheric and is most definitely best played with the curtains drawn and the lights off, just remember to bring a spare pare of pants for when the Xenomorph is hunting you down.

All of these games will join Shadow of the Tomb Raider, de Blob, Pumped BMX Pro, The Walking Dead: Season One, and Crackdown 3—which joined the Game Pass as an Xbox exclusive—on the list of games that have been added to the Xbox Game Pass this month.

The Xbox Game Pass is available for £7.99 a month (and it’s well worth that), but you can currently get 2 months for just £2 through the Microsoft website.



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