Apex Legends gets a new weapon

Apex Legends has it’s first new weapon – it’s called Havoc, and it takes the form of an energy Assault Rifle.

Respawn Entertainment first teased the gun in a Twitter post that practically gave away nothing about the weapon, but now that the gun is live in the game we have a minute long video to show us how to put the weapon to good use.

Havoc uses Energy ammo (obviously) and will fire in fully automatic mode by default. It does have a spin-up time, but that spin-up time can be nullified by picking up and equipping the Turbocharger hop-up. Interestingly, the Havoc is the first weapon in the game that can be equipped with two different hop-ups – equipping the Selectfire Receiver will allow you to use the gun in it’s alternative fire charge beam mode, which turns the Havoc into Apex Legends only hitscan weapon.

Over on the EA website, the weapon is described as joining the Hemlok in being “one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode”. The gun does look pretty bloody cool, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it later on tonight.

As expected, there are also new skins that are available for the Havoc, so you should be able to decorate it to your taste.

Havoc is available right now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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