The Switch’s upcoming Resident Evil titles are ridiculously priced

A few days ago we told you that Nintendo Switch players would soon be able to get their hands on three classic Resident Evil games in May. There was no announcement on how the games would be priced at the time, but Capcom has since released the pricing details, and they’re an absolute joke.

Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil: HD Remaster, and Resident Evil 4 will cost players £29.99 each when they launch in May, which is practically double the amount that the same games cost on other platforms. To put things even further into perspective, we’re talking about old games here; Resident Evil Zero originally released on the GameCube in 2002, and Resident Evil 4 followed it onto the GameCube three years later. Resident Evil: HD Remaster is the most recent of the three at just four years old, but that’s still not exactly recent, is it?

Sadly, the pricing of these games will stop a lot of people from playing them, as you will see if you look through the replies to the Twitter post above. They’re all classic games that should be experienced, and being able to play them while on the move is very appealing (as is the case with a lot of Switch games) but pricing them at double the cost that they retail for on other platforms is inexplicable. You can even buy the Resident Evil: Triple Pack—which contains all three of the games in question—on the Xbox One for £39.99, just £10 more than the cost of just one of them on the Nintendo Switch.

As you can imagine, players are understandably annoyed, with many referring to “Switch Tax”, which players believe makes Nintendo Switch games more expensive due to the fact that they’re on cartridges rather than discs, making them more expensive to produce. This expense unfortunately gets passed on to players, which means Switch players often have to pay over the odds. This is even the case when the games are purchased digitally, as digital games are usually priced at the same as physical games.

Capcom hasn’t addressed player uproar yet, but we’ll keep you informed of any official statement.



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