The Division 2’s private beta is now live

The private beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is now live on all platforms.

Remember, this is a private beta, so to gain access you’ll have to have pre-ordered the game or have been lucky enough to be randomly selected to play having signed up online. The beta will be live until 9am GMT on Monday 11th February, so your weekend plans should now be well and truly sorted.

The Division 2’s private beta will allow players an opportunity to check out the post-apocalyptic remains of Washington D.C., with seven named zones to explore including Dark Zone East, the largest of all three Dark Zones that will be in the game at launch. Players will be able to tackle two main missions, five optional side missions, one end-game mission, and structured PvP during the beta, so it should give us a pretty decent look at the game prior to its launch next month.

Of course, this is not the finished article so players should fully expect to encounter some bugs, and Ubisoft has picked up on a couple already. In a blog post, Ubisoft detailed a couple of bugs and gave players some instructions on how to work around them. Ubisoft said:

“We are aware of issues causing players’ game client crash on Xbox and PC after an extended gameplay session while PS4 players may experience a performance degradation after 3+ hours of uninterrupted gameplay. To circumvent both issues, we recommend players to restart their game client every two to three hours.

Secondly, on all platforms, if you are outside the game and receive a game invite from a friend within the game, your client will crash at launch. To work around this problem, make sure to start the game first and join group directly from inside the game.”

Having to restart the game client every couple of hours sounds like a bit of a pain in the arse, but I guess these are the drawbacks that we have to accept when taking part in a beta. We named The Division 2 as our “Most anticipated game of 2019” in our End of Year Awards, so I’m looking forward to taking a look at the game over the weekend.

See you in Washington.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Friday 15th March.



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