Spiderman PS4 DLC

Spider-Man’s first DLC drops next week

Spider-Man absolutely mopped up with critics and consumers alike when it launched last month, and if you’re desperate for some more Spidey-action then you’ll be glad to hear that the previously announced The City That Never Sleeps DLC will kick off next week when its first chapter, The Heist, launches on October 23rd.

The Heist will focus around Peter Parker’s ex Felicia Hardy and her alter ego Black Cat, one of the most notorious characters from the Spider-Man comics. The DLC will add new story missions and challenges as well as three new Spidey-suits, two of which are from the comics and one of which is original.

If you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man then The City That Never Sleeps will be available to you for nothing. Alternatively, you can buy all episodes of the DLC for £15.99 or you can buy each episode separately.

If paying for new content just isn’t your thing, then there is a free update coming to all players that will add NewGame+ and Ultimate Difficulty to the game. That update is currently slated as “coming soon”.







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