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Spider-Man’s first DLC Detailed

Insomniac Games have announced details of Spider-Man’s first DLC almost two weeks before the full game actually sees the light of day.

Spider-Man will release exclusively on PS4 on September 8th and will be followed by the first DLC, The City That Never Sleeps. The City That Never Sleeps will consist of three individual stories, with the first one – named Spider-Man: The Heist – arriving on October 23rd. The Heist, which will include new missions, challenges and enemies, will focus on the return of Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as Black Cat.

PlayStation shared the news with a PlayStation Blog post that read:

“The first chapter of Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps is Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, and it will be released on October 23. As you play the base game, you’ll realize that Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is back in town and she’s leaving clues around town to toy with Spider-Man. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, she finally reveals herself. Featuring new missions and challenges, as well as a brand new faction of enemies and three additional suits to unlock, you won’t want to miss it.”

The second and third episodes of the DLC will be titled Spider-Man: Turf Wars and Spider-Man: Silver Lining; no details on what they will involved have been revealed, but we do know that they will release in November and December respectively.

The news has brought about a mixed response from gamers, with many concerned that the DLC being released so close to launch (and announced before it) could signify that the main game will be lacking in content. Many gamers also criticized the decision by Insomniac Games to promote the DLC before the full game has been released.

We’ll wait to play the game for ourselves before we judge it, but we have to admit to not being fans of DLC being promoted before the game has even hit the shelves.



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