Fortnite update 6.10 adds Tournaments

Fortnite’s 6.10 update is here, and it’s adding Tournaments to the game which can be accessed through a new events tab. These tournaments are open to all players and are intended to allow players to “compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory”.

The reward for doing well in these tournaments? A special pin. No honestly, that’s it, for now at least. Epic Games have said that “In the future, earning a pin may advance you to the next round of a tournament or qualify you to win prizes.” Bit more interested now? Thought so.

Six tournaments have already been announced for various dates between October 16th and November 1st, with separate tournaments for Solo, Duo’s and Squads. These tournaments will see players “compete over several hours of intense competition to earn as many points as possible. Players can earn points by either achieving high placements or eliminating multiple opponents.” Matchmaking during these sessions will pair you against players of a similar points standing, so playing well will match you against stronger opponents and playing, erm, not so well will match you against lesser-skilled opponents.

Interestingly, and possibly controversially, these tournaments will see players competing against each other across all platforms regardless of what input device they’re using. That means that we’re going to have mouse and keyboard players, controller players and touch screen players all competing against each other. Epic Games don’t see this as an issue, saying that “We’ve been observing the performance of controller players in our Summer Skirmish, PAX West, and Fall Skirmish tournaments while playing against mouse and keyboard players at the highest levels of competition.” they continued, “Competitors such as NickMercs, Ayden, KamoLRF, and AmarCoD have shown that controller players can be successful while competing against some of the best PC players in the world.”

That being said, they did say that they’d be monitoring the situation and that they are considering offering some specific tournaments that restrict platforms and input devices.

Elsewhere in the update, there’s a new vehicle in the form of an ATV, new weapons and various bug fixes. You can read the post detailing the new in-game Tournaments here, and the full patch notes can be found here.








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