Six more games coming to the Xbox Game Pass this month

The list of games that are available on the Xbox Game Pass continues to grow each month and this month is no different. Microsoft has announced the six games that will be heading to the Game Pass in January.

Headlining the list of additions is Life Is Strange 2, the first episode of which released back in September. Microsoft has said that future episodes will release on the Game Pass “soon”, but we’re assuming that they will appear on the Game Pass as soon as they get released. We announced back in November that Episode 2 will release at some point this month. Life Is Strange 2 will be joining its predecessors Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm on the Game Pass, meaning you’ll be able to play the full series on Microsoft’s subscription service. Episode 1 of Life Is Strange 2 will become available on January 3rd.

Also available on January 3rd will be Studio Wildcard’s action-adventure survival game Ark: Survival Evolved and Farming Simulator 17. Yes, there are annual releases of a farming simulation game.

On January 7th the martial arts-themed action-RPG Absolver will join the Game Pass family, before 2015’s balls to the wall, open world, action-adventure game Just Cause 3 makes it way to the subscription service on January 10th. If that’s not enough, competitive shooter Aftercharge will also join the list on January 10th.

Microsoft are doing a great job of keeping the games library available on their subscription service bulked out. We’ve been very impressed by the Xbox Game Pass, so much so that we awarded it “Service of the Year” in our first annual Buff Nerf Repeat End of Year Awards.

The Xbox Game Pass is available for £8 a month.






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